A New Podcast

Hey TwiFiends!

Welcome to Fic Pushin’!  We’ll be pimping fics we read, dishing why we like them, and rec’ing the best Twilight fanfic has to offer! The four of us are natural fic pimps and decided to share our crazy discussions with you.

We’ll be talking about twific readers and what makes them tick. Our goal is to be reader centric and interactive. Let us know what you are reading. What topics do you want us to discuss? Make sure to vote in our polls that we'll post before each show.

We plan to reach out to authors and ask them to submit reviews that they've received which have been particularly funny, insightful, or meaningful to them. We will share these great reviews on our blog and choose some to read on our podcast. Readers should be celebrated and really good reviews deserve to be shared.

AUTHORS, please use the form on our blog to submit the reviews that stand apart. Let your readers know that their reviews are appreciated!

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