Mad Love

While some Twifiends are already twitching to hear these Pimps get rec’ing already, some might be wondering what makes us P-I-M-P.  We’ll share what we already know with all you junkies.  Pimp on Pimp, here’s why we’ve got mad love for each other:

Jess on Flanny:

If you’ve read Becoming Bella Swan, you’ll know why hearing Flanny talk about anything is bound to be a good time.  If you haven’t, go do that and then come back!  Flanny will tell you that the Nessie character she writes in her fic Imprinted has her personality… but I’d argue that Flanny from BBS is a pretty accurate representation.  Sure, the real Flanny isn’t as rude, addicted to meds, or sleeping with every sexy guy she walks by, but you can expect the same mix of Canadian spelling, dirty humour (see what I did there?), quick wit, graphic language, and love of the Twilight universe. Flanny isn’t afraid to tell it like it is but somehow manages to always keep things positive.  She has a tendency to rec things using lots of superlatives, but they always turn out to be well-deserved.  When Flanny has something to say, you can bet listening to it will be time well-spent.

Flanny on Jess:

Jess is a superhero. By day, she's a mild-mannered stay-at-home mom, but by night, she is known as the "Drive-by Beta." That's right, kiddies... Grammatical evils of the world should fear when Jess is near. Not only a well known MASTER-beta, she is a phenomenal smut writer in her own right, and an absolute sweetheart by nature. Her mad superhero skillz extend to discerning great fic, and also understanding what makes a fic not-so-great. When Jess recommends a fic, it's undoubtedly something to get really excited about.

Kari on Althea:

Who's the best person to get fic recs from? Someone who's organized and remembers exactly why they loved a fic, right? Right! I met Althea on twitter and quickly realized this girl knows good fic. She keeps track of every fic she reads, every review and every review reply! Now that is organized. What I love about her is that she's honest in her opinions and can spot a good fic a mile away. I may be more traditional when it comes to smut, but Althea can be your expert on lemons of every variety! Make sure you check out her blog for great reviews and rec's at Althea Jams and Blogs.

Althea on Kari: 

She calls herself "The Twific Addicted Sista" (which is accurate. and awesome.) and she has her own hot look - if you see an avi that's a sexy, sassy lady rocking an afro, chances are it's TwiCharmed. Her blog features excellent reviews and her weekly breakdown of what she's reading. One of her most impressive skills: she always finds a way to articulate her opinion in a way that is so constructively honest while being sensitive to other people's feelings. As a reader and reviewer, this is a tremendous balance to strike! She has an infectious enthusiasm, an eye for vamp AU fics, and a desire to promote lesser known stories with inexplicably low review counts. TwiCharmed is also a writer of a Jas/B fic called The Writing on the Wall.



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