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Wicked Angel by DevilishPleasures
Review by SandytheSandstorm 

FSX, Ladies, how I have missed you. *doing the happy dance* and typing as I read the chapter.

Oh I just saw the Remember Me trailer with Rob in the shower fully dressed, that voice. I keep seeing new ones. Perfect vision for reading, don't you think...I had no idea until I finished how helpful seeing him wet was going to be.

"No matter how panicked I felt, I would not throw caution to the wind." Lucky for Bella she came in contact with some skilled killers, would be hers truth be told.

"What happened?" I practically cried. I didn't know where the strong emotions were coming from but I felt sorrow, sick, and miserable at Bella's current state. "Please baby, tell me. I'm here for you. I won't hurt you." I let the truth resonate in my voice." Already with his words coming through so emotional I can tell this is going to be a true turning point chapter.

Before I continue I took a moment to LMAO before the intensity began "For a fraction of a second I thought about making her ride in the back of the truck but then knew I'd never do that to her."

"Some beautiful lines had me screaming for paragaphs lovelies "If she lived . . . I'd lose you." and "But your soul . . . your heart." . . . is yours, I wanted to say." and "I've been waiting to hear those words from your voice my whole life...I love you, Isabella Swan." and "...Bella could see the single—and only—tear that had ever escaped my eye."

I am so much for Edward always. Never ever have I thought what Bella said to be greater than what he had been given to say in any story - you dearhearts changed that with "It's more than a need. It's an ache, deep within my soul. I need you like I need air, without you I'll suffocate. Please . . . just touch me, make me feel . . . something, anything but the pain I feel when you aren't touching me." You owned the story with that one.

When did this happen? "...the healing scar on her forehead from when she fell down my steps."

"That was all it took and I was in the bathtub with her, fully dressed." The entire bath scene was phenomenal and beautiful at ever word, emotion, orchestrated musical note and rhythmatically choreographed dance they performed. Will recall there lovemaking and devotion many times - you guys rocked, placing you up there with the greats of the fanfic world for that one. 

His hesitance till the very end was that because he is Edward after all and feels that this thing they were about do, line they were about to cross would make them inseparable and she needed to be sure she wanted it and him?

Liked it much? Enough said.

FanGirl all of Yours

Review from Anonymous

Hey ~ I wanted to personally thank you for the story.  I had stayed away thinking it would be sacrilegious.  You truly wrote something from a Christian perspective and how we ALL's just some have higher to fall from.  I remember one of the AN when you wrote about Edward's fall from grace and I was worried that he would truly fall away but you did such a wonderful job.

Thank you!  This has been the first FF that gave glory to God and I also thought you did an excellent job with the music - since I know all the songs it was so easy to hear E sing them - often I would play them from itunes while I read that chapter.  Thank you so much!

A Perfect Love by Robicorn
Review by PixieKat7

Outstanding chapter!
You handled Edward & Bella's morning after conversation beautifully, it was spot on & very real to life. 

JebusFlippin'Christ, Tanya is EVIL incarnate! I simply cannot believe that she have the nerve to question Edward on ANY level and then to go as far as stealing from him...I'm so mad I could slap her into next week...the **! Poor Edward, this is what happens when he tries to give Tanya the benefit of the of the doubt. I hope he deals with that situation quickly & thoroughly.

I know that Carlisle means well & is only looking out for his family, but I gotta tell you that I loved that Bella put him in his place (&that Edward did too), very well done.

I've said it before & I'll say it again, I love Bella's relationship with Emma. She is honestly more of a mother to that l'il sweetheart than Tanya could ever be. The "mommy' conversation was handled very well, but it made me just a little sad. I truly want the three of them to be a family & soon.

Like I said, this was an outstanding chapter, can't wait to see what happens next.

Hugs, until next time.

Collide by Robicorn
Review by Bouncy72
She is a faithful reviewer and so supportive! 
Here is her review for my newest story: 

First I just wanted to say "Yay," I was fully expecting the HF at the end of this to be bad too. So glad it wasn't (at the end)

Where would Rachel have gotton a dream like that from? This whole thing of not telling things that aren't "normal" is starting to be a bit ridiculous. A little girl should be able to express when something frightens her.

WOW Emily, Sam & Edward huh?! Didn't see that coming AT ALL. Bit worried that Edward did lose control so completely before with someone he "loved". But wow Bella calmed him down so quickly.

"The fire is licking at my heels. I keep running into walls, and I can't seem to break them down without you." Edward said. "If I didn't know you, I am sure I would have given up the fight, stopped running from the fire, and just succumbed to smoke inhalation. You break down the walls so I can walk through them." Edward told her." This was a beautifully written passage, desperate & slightly afraid.

Apart from the fact that her parents probably heard EVERYTHING, that seemed like a pretty sweet 1st time. I'm glad she didn't let him wallow.
Thanks for that chapter :)

Oh & let us know if you get a banner for this please ♥ *grin

Teenage Kicks by missrebecca
Review by romanceaholic

I like Edward in this story, he is just so sweet and tender with Bella. So nice just want to squeeze him tight in a hug and tell him how wonderful he is.

Review By Cullenary

I wish i could find the whole review she left me, but it was a while ago...still sticks with me, that should say something...

The part that blew me away was when she said "You do realize this fic is going to explode and you are going to have reviews in the thousands, right?"

This was way back when I was barely at 500...I laughed at her then...and now, I just want to nom her face. LOL

Disappear Here by h32mh32m
 Review by fragilewreck 

Oh Snap! I didn't see that one coming! 

Will You Be Ready When it Comes by Hopeful Wager
Review by FictionFanDNB

Okay. Now that I can't sleep, I think I'm ready to talk about Will You Be Ready When It Comes. But first, I want to go back to September 12th. That was the day you sent me my submission rejection. I'm not above admitting that I cried. I think it broke my heart a little. I did some research on who you were and I realized that you hadn't really written a "wolf fic" and that that was the reason you didn't understand my story. But I decided I would re-work my story with PTB and I would show you that my story was good enough. Eventually you accepted my story and I was ecstatic. You even RECed me on Twitter and I think that was my turning point. I realized that you were just looking out for a writer and you wanted my story to be worthy. So I started reading some of your fics. And then I turned into this giant brown-nosing, suck up of a super fangirl (another thing I am not above admitting). But after reading THIS story, I truly realized why I'm glad that you are the one with the final say on my story. I felt like you didn't hold back at all. This wasn't an easy story to read, because you make your characters work so hard for their own happiness. But I couldn't stop reading it, because you made this so real. You were right, this story is a roller coaster. I laughed and cried and I didn't want it to end. I'm glad you included both endings. I would have liked to have seen Jaded get a little more fleshed out, only because when I got to the last sentence, I was rooting just as hard for Mathias as I had been for Jacob just one chapter earlier (and I'm usually a cannon type of girl). 

I also realized that you have written a 'wolf fic'. Jacob's sacrifice(s) proved to me that you understand Stephenie Meyer's wolves a hell of a lot better than I do. This is my formal Thank You for accepting my story, and for changing my mind about cannon, and for (hopefully) not thinking I'm some psychotic stalker girl. And for writing such an amazing, historically accurate (and informative!) fic. 



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