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All of your local Twific Pimps deal in Twilight Fanfiction. But we each have our specialties. We thought you might like to know what they are, so you know which Pimp to turn to for your brand of heroi- uh, fic.


I might be the most Edward x Bella of the bunch. But I'm not a purist by any means; I'm open to anything: slash, non-canon pairings, anything... as long as it's good. I love me some inventive AU that challenges canon in interesting ways. Lately, I have a thing for dark, moody, vamp AU Edwards, snarky AH Bellas, sweet fics that warm yer heart, angst that rips out your heart and shoves it in your face, lemons of EVERY variety, great banter in comedy fics and the cracktastic. I think of fic prefs like this: there's a different fic for every mood. Tell me your mood; I'll rec you a fic. And once I show you my recs, you show me yours.


Canon, slash, poly-slash, AU, AH, OC, OOC, WTF? Yeppers, I'll read anything as long as it's innovative and provocative. Strong characters and blended genres especially get my panties wet, um, figuratively, that is. If a fic succeeds in making me laugh and cry, all in a single chapter, it will be madly pimped by me. There's a special place in my heart for the crack (fic), so you can expect some off-the-wall recs from this pimp.


It was love of Jacob that brought me to fanfic, and though I love me some Edward, don’t expect a fic I rec to ever bash Jake or make him abusive. I go through fic phases, wanting more of a certain kind of fic for a while before moving onto the next. I’ve really been loving all human fics quite a bit lately. I don’t love Jasper, though I’ll certainly give him a shot when a good fic is rec’d. Just recently, I find myself unable to get enough well-done Emmett. Basically, you can expect almost anything from me.


Right now my favorite fics are vamp AU. I guess I’ll call myself an Edward/Bella shipper...no scratch that. I'm an Edward shipper. I love when I can sink my teeth into a good Edward. By good, I really mean bad. I like my Edward sexy, dark, possessive, and did I say sexy? Usually, I don't like Edward with anyone other than Bella, but I've found that I really like Bella with other guys. Jasper/Bella would probably be my favorite non-canon couple, but I would really like to read a good Sam/Bella fic. Someone please rec or write me one!



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