Hump Your Readers Wednesday 6.2.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

Red Nights by Jadiona
Review by momams
Chapter 20:
Denial, it can make us loose our head, and on the long run hurts even more than acceptance. Tina refused to listen and now, on the long run, her decision to ignore others, has hurt her and made her do the unthinkable. What good will this bring? Remorse, regret? If it would be Greg, but it won't. The one person she wanted to protect, is the one she is going to hurt the most.

The Hardest Part by LJ Summers
Review by Nayarit
[She was ill and in bed and reading on her iPhone the day she read my story and told me she had to get up and come to a computer to review. That blew me away. Here are excerpts from her smile-inducing review.]
Chapter 5:
Ok so here I am running downstairs again to get to the computer and tell you about how much I loved this freaking story.

Ok so when I saw it was Edward's POV I was like "what the hell, NOW?" And I was totally NOT having it. But then, you proved me WAY wrong. I mean, I didn't like it, not gonna lie . . . but I get it. And it makes PERFECT sense that you would use him, and then of course the title makes sense now too.

It just all sort of perfectly fit together (well not sort of, right? That's all your creative genius at work).

I guess I didn't like it because I just don't have love for him in this little world you created, but there would always be that "what if" if there were no closure here so it makes perfect sense. And it's not like his POV was bad, it was quite beautiful actually, I just wasn't having it. My dislike of him is profound.

AND GAH, I love how strong Bella had become. I love that she is still ever so selfless but she is making the choice for her too, if that makes sense. ANd it So interesting that she could have gone either way here and I like how you kept that real. That it wasn't "Oh Eddie you know what, I'm just not feeling it anymore." No she still loves him and he obviously loves her but she's making a choice. I REALLY like that and NOW I'm dying to read her POV. I JUST hate that I'm not doing it where I can immediately write to you about all the things I'm dying to talk about. So, I'm WAY excited to start the Bella moments one.

So there was this part, and I don't remember what chapter . . . where Embry was talking about Bella driving and how it seem to make her happy and how it was her truck anyway . . . WOW such a CLEAR difference from her relationship with Edward. I really took note at that moment that his was the right thing. I mean I still feel bad for Jacob but Embry just works here, I love it and it's SO cute.

And that thing that Emily said-- "it's almost impossible to resist such commitment, such devotion." Yeah, WOW. I sat there thinking about it for awhile and it's SO true. Like I can't imagine what I would do if I were honestly faced with something like that. How DO you say no? Especially with that whole--you're their world thing and they only want your happiness and safety. WOW.

Ok so I think that is all I wanted to say about this chapter. And about the story in general I just adored it, wholly. And I'm swooning over your version of Embry, but I TOTALLY don't picture that guy from the movies because I didn't like him, I picture someone else . . . but if I were asked who I couldn't say, I'd just know him when I see him.

So I think I'm going to JUST LOVE this WHOLE freaking Mating Imperative series and I can't wait to keep reading it. Ok I'm off to the previous chapter to leave the notes there about it.

Release by Spirare
Review by Insideitall
Chapter 3:
I fall on my knees to worship this story, to worship the brilliancy of you work.

Your words move like shifting sand and summer winds but carry all the sense of a constructed prose. The power of a voice projected onto paper is just as powerful as organised plots and overwraught structures.

I love it and I cant wait for more

Chapter 8:
*lady gaga fills the air...I sway my hips...trip a towards the kitchen*

Where the fuck...*found them*

I'm coming dickward...

*grabs can opener runs back towards living room where a speankalicious dick waits for me*

I heard u like these *throws can of store brand raviolis in the air*

*Stradles dickwards lap again...struggles to open can* hold on...its stuck *bounces on dicks lap to hold him off*

Yay! Got it open *throws can opener behind back...*

Oh edward...your gun feels so heavy? *spills raviolis all over my chest.

*giggle as dickward eats cold raviolis of mah chest*

-to be continued-

Damaged by SamieJamesBait
Review by Luv4Jake
Chapter 14

I seriously love when readers tell me what parts they like the most and why.

The review - OMG this was too funny: Trying her hardest to shake images of Brandon from her mind, she did what every good girlfriend did when their boyfriend was in the mood and they weren't. She faked it.

"You think she knows man? She is the shrewdest girl I ever met."

The alarm set he closed and locked the front door, sighing he ran his fingers through his hair.

"I fucking hope not, I kinda like my balls where they are, you know?" Edward walked to the car, opening the door for a waiting Bella.

Jacob followed after a few seconds, unsure how he was going to drive when he felt an all consuming urge to keep his hand rooted over his crotch, he didn't doubt Bella was going to have their balls for one second.

So sweet: "I love you so fucking much Kid." Edward breathed as he came down from his orgasm.

Don't worry about it Jake. Edward would lock me away in a tall tower guarded by a dragon if he could. Anything to keep poor delicate Bella to himself." Bella was teasing, walking behind where Edward sat and slipping her arms over his shoulders.

"Damn straight I would Kid." His tone was playful, but he wasn't joking.

"Bella, for once in your life please do as your fucking told and get in the god damn car." He spoke, his lips inches from hers.

I feel this way every weekday & saturday with the birds outside my bedroom window.

"Still looking for that bird Kid?" He whispered into her ear, his morning voice husky.

"One moment alone with a revolver and me and that bird can settle this stupid fucking tweeting!" She replied, Edward laughing.

I loved it as always! Until next time, sorry I had to go and copy & paste on you but it was so good I wanted to share what I loved the most.

Review by Sheedevil16j
chapter 16

great chapter as always! I wanted to tell you that I was listening to the radio this past week and 500 miles came on and all I could think about was our dear Mr. Ka-Masen in a Shrek costume. LOVED IT!

- Jamie

Divintiy by booboo_kitty
Review by MiCullen
Ch 7

You must know that I blame you for making fall asleep on class on fridays... I can't help it... I keep waiting for you to post a new chapter, and even if I don't read it and try to go to bed early I keep thinking that the chapter is there waiting for me... anyway... you see what you do to me? I never fell asleep on any class through college, even the extremly boring ones... except when I started reading stories like yours... just so you know how much I like your stories...

And that's why I only review a few days later... cause I read them very very late... and then I read again when I'm not fainting and I'm capable to articulate a decent coment... better thinking that's not very good, cause I write too

Back to what really matters... the story... I'm still curious about the tattoo, I thought that maybe Edward would find out what it really means when they were reading each others minds... maybe next time... owww... and I love when he does something stupid and she point it out for him very "nicely"

ok, I already wrote too much... sorry...hehe

till next... xo

Public Relations by snshyne
Review by sophie921
Ch 6
That wasn't make-up sex...that was a promissory note.

The Blessing Ring by QuantumFizzx
Review by Fleur de Caos 
Chtr 12
Jasper boy's gettin' on my nerves. He better have a damn good excuse for acting like a butt-hole or so help me, i'll write my own outtake of this story, i'll call it "The day Chuck Norris moved to Forks and made Jasper his idiot bitch - The blessing ring edition." That boy needs a good roundhouse kick to the head to get him thinking straight.

Review by deanna127
Chapter 28

"He was the pure, wondrous rush of love."

A very poignant phrase. I love when I find syntax that affects me almost profoundly, it doesn't happen often so well done you.



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