Straight to the Vein

We all have fics that leave us gagging for more after every update. We stalk the forums for people to talk about it with. We re-read old chapters just to get more. We go Twitter-silent when an update finally arrives.
And we, The Pimps, Skype about it.
Betcha want in on that, don’t ya’?
Well, you’ll get your way soon! We’ll pick a fic that’s pwning two or more Pimps, pick a guest reader, get online, hit record and chat our hearts away!
A Straight to the Vein podcast will focus on a specific fic, and we won’t be afraid to talk about any aspect of it – including spoilers. These will be stand-alone episodes, so you only have to listen to ones about fics you’re interested in. In the regular show, we don’t let each other go on about any one fic for too long – there will be no such rule here!
Look for the first Straight to the Vein episode early next week! Althea, Kari, and our guest, wordslinger, will be talking about Hide and Drink by Savage7289.

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