Episode 2 - Rosalie: The Ice Queen Cometh

Rosalie Hale. Love her, or love to hate her?

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In our second episode,  Althea, Flanny and Kari discuss Rosalie from canon and fic. Jess wasn’t able to join us, but don’t worry, she will be back for the next one!

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Look for our next episode of Straight to the Vein - Wide Awake with our special guest katinki!



At July 13, 2010 at 1:38 AM , Anonymous DayAnnKnight said...

Well My personal Opinion is that Rosalie, like many other sexually abused people, can go from one extrem to the next. Meaning that She is either protrayed as oober Sexual or oober pissed off. With that being said I love the non-canon with a touch of cannon Rose the Best. I love the fact that Rose gets to control that Fucking Hot ass Emmett!
Great show Ladies!!! Looking forward to the next.


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