Friday's Fic Fit 6.11.2010

Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

For today’s reading pleasure, Kari would like to rec Eclipsed Heart by Buff82.

Katbug86 pimped this fic and said: Buff82 writes eloquently, she has a way of taking you through this journey between Bella and Edward that makes you understand their relationship on a whole new level. There are many twists and plenty of surprises to keep you guessing, and it's complete so you won't be waiting for updates. You'll fall in love with Bella and her inner 'voices' that Buff has created, you'll also be captivated by the words spoken between Edward and Bella. It's just all around amazing.

My Stories
Bella moves to Forks and prepares to spend her remaining high school years in the small rain covered town. When tragedy strikes she is sent back to her mother. Two years later she returns and a chance encounter with Edward Cullen changes everything. A/U

The first thing that drew me to this story was the summary. I love vamp AU fics that have their own twist on canon. One of my biggest gripes with Twilight was what I perceive to be Bella's immaturity. I do understand that Twilight is a YA book and Bella is 17 years old. That's why I love fanfiction, for the ability to read about my favorite characters in different situations.

Bella knew I was a vampire and accepted that, to my complete shock, dismay, and elation. In addition I had apparently been pouring my soul out to her for the last eighteen months, unbeknownst to me.

So, this Bella is two years older. I love the connection that Bella and Edward have that they aren't even aware of themselves. In this fic, Charlie passed away very shortly after Bella moved in with him during her junior year of high school. At the beginning of the story, we find Bella going back to Forks the summer before going off to college. She's there to pack up the house and get things in order to sell. Of course, Bella and Edward get acquainted with one another and the usual happens.

My body ached for me to kiss back, to thrust my tongue into her mouth push her over and take her right then; but my mind would not allow it. I have to do this right, I thought.

We get to experience Bella deal with real life issues. I noticed very quickly how Buff always makes sure to show all aspects of Bella's life at the moment. She's experiencing new love with Edward, but she's also grieving for her dad. The author doesn't let Charlie's death be forgotten through all of this.

The last several chapters kept me on the edge of my seat! Buff's writing is incredible, and I felt connected to all of the characters. Buff shows exactly how a writer can tell a story from one POV while incorporating the other character's emotions and feelings.

This fic is now complete, so no one has has a reason to put it off. Go read and let me know what you think!

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