Hump Your Readers Wednesday 6.9.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

What the Dead Know by DazzledbyJake
(Nik always leaves encouraging, detailed play-by-play reviews; this was the last paragraph--yes, I said paragraph--to her review. It left me with my mouth hanging open and ready to write more.  Plus, she offers me "Jacob on top" if I hurry up and write the next chapter.  Who could deny that offer?)
Chapter 3
I can't say it enough... you are absolutely taking my breath away with this story! Your plot is amazing; it leaves me on the edge of my seat with every chapter. Your writing is superb -- so descriptive that I almost feel like I'm living this with them. And everything just flows so incredibly well from the conversations to the technical stuff like scene changes. Fantastic work!!! I think I've been dazzled by Dazzled!! :-D

This Summer by tiffaninichole
Review by abigailjune

I loved it. The jasper and bella combos that you write are magnificent! Dirty movie was fabulous. Bella's Dirty Notebook... that was intense. but now this! you're killing me here! I just want to start back at the beginning and read it over and over again. I loved reading this version of Jasper. The steamy, sexy farm boy. Geeze oh geeze. I am dying right now thinking about it.

I loved Edward as the dog. Classic. And you "totes" captured the stereotypical uptight bitch slang. I applaud you.

Review by Renas40
Chapter 8
It's such a tender & loving story. Bella is such a caring person, it must be so hard for her to play & interacting with Lilly without having thought of her own daughter.

Edward looks like he has fallen for Bella, I hope he is continues to watch the changes in Bella, he might be able to pick up that something is not right. I'm hoping Bella tells him soon as it will makes things easier for he as well.

It's funny she still sees herself as a married woman, she needs to find the strength and divorce Mike, I feel she hasn't done this because it's the one last connection she feels she has with Maddison.
I'm so enjoying your fic.


Review by Crispy_Anakin
(died laughing at this)
Chapter 2
Maybe she'll die and show up as a zombie in the next chapter. That'll show him.

Review by marina823
Chapter 37
I feel like I should have some fireworks and i Need to set them OFF for these two! OMG was that perfect or was that perfect? TOTALLY worth the wait, absolutely!

Thank you for another great chapter, and reminding me why he is my fave Edward!

Chapter 37
God, I more than loved it, is there a word for that? :P So beautiful and perfect, I would've cried too. "Let me show you how it's supposed to be", so much true behind those words. They've come a long way to this moment and sure was perfect.

Review by coldplaywhore
Chapter 37
Excellent update hon. The school supplied reference had me giggling because that is what my hubs calls it too! I was anxious at first when all the fuckery started happening with Jasper's dad, and shocked they finally did it.

Seriously... slowest burn in history! :)



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