Hump Your Readers Wednesday 6.23.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

Review by Fabkish
Well that was kind of a suspenseful a good way though! We got to see what their typical week is like and then Bella's internal struggle towards Edward. I like that she imagined Jake in her head, talking her through these difficult steps. Shows what a difference a friend can make. So true to life.

I like how this quote from the books was cleverly inserted: "Can you close your eyes? I just want to try one thing." I felt Bella's every move as I read through the words. And the ending was so sweet... what Edward said to his wife was lovely. Hopefully it provided Bella with some comfort and reassurance in the next chapter. At this point, I am finding Bella to be a much more relatable character as I can identify with her conflicting emotions in some ways. Sara - Thanks, as always, for your replies to my reviews. I love your insights and am still enjoying how this story unfolds.

Yesterday by LightStarDusting
Review by PreferBurnettes
chapter 16
I really like the way you break up this chap, interspersing her present with her memories. A very creative way in making use of the prompts :)

It's those unanswered questions that we can't get over and it doesn't matter what age we are or how mature, we give them more importance than they deserve but on the same token are too scared to find out the answers.

"I ran. What's more is, I ran… and he didn't follow. As much as I didn't talk to him, he didn't talk to me either. And that spoke volumes." is that what she wanted for him to come after her? does she realize that boys at that age don't understand the head games of young teenage girls? of course he didnt come after her, he though she didn't want him. maybe he should have "fought" for her but Jasper is too practical of a person. He did come up to her in class and ask her to walk back with him when she had deliberately not sat next to him.

I understand the feeling of not being ready even if you know you're with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. I wonder sometimes if i will ever get married but I also wonder if Bella's uncertainty has more to do with not being able to let go of what may have been with J.

Lucy must have given Bella an earful and i hope to hear what that advice may have been. but im assuming bella doesnt end up following it.

hmmm, who is confronting Bella in the kitchen? can't wait for your next chap! much love

What the Dead Know by DazzledbyJake
Review by Adrienn
Chapter 5
I read all chapters today without even taking a break :D I´m glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and wrote something totally different from your other stories. I love the thought of a sexy, mature Jacob in his thirties...hehehe ;)

You really know how to make a very unpredictable plot. I´ve never have thought of Jacob killing someone...I thought the twist you promised us is going to be something totally different. And that´s what I love so much about your stories, and why i keep reading them :D They are never predictable, never boring and always different from the others out there!

Face The Music by auroraluna1
Review by anythingzombie
Chapter 2
“Exactly! I never said he was a girl!” I repeated.

That made me laugh so hard.

I love, love, love the reunion. I feel like I'm there.

“Good grief!” - Makes me think of an Emmett/Charlie Brown crossover. Bahha.

I heard soft, beautiful piano music slowly fill the room with a lovely ambiance.

I knew immeidatly that it was Edward, and I was right. I was missing that bronze-haired fellow.

Really great story, I think I’m in love. :) Plus I hate reading stories that are so many chapters in, that’s why I read yours as soon as I found out there were only two chapters. I like to sit and wait for updates, and watch the writer grow. It’s more fun that way.

Great job by the way. Incredible story and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

The Ride by aylah50
Review by jarkin33
Chapter 10
ok... so since i didn't review every chapter I'm lumping it all in one. I love this story. The characters and relationships are believable and true.

The way you use the music in this isn't just as filler.. and believe me, I've read my share of fics that do that. It's appropriate and wonderful! Your characters are around my age, so all the things that they remember and the movies and music that shaped and influenced them are the ones that I remember and bring back those great memories.

GAH and you started with Live. I had such a crush on Ed and went to see them live ... I stupidly got up during the show to run to the bathroom and while I was gone, he was up in our section right near my empty seat.. :( hahahah That was the first time I learned to never leave a concert while the headliner was on!

I'm a total music person so I'm so glad The Ride was brought to my attention. I just love it! I can't wait for the moment that they realize who each other is, but I'm also a little worried about what that realization is going to do... her wondering why he didn't follow and him placing the blame on himself for what happened to her GAH - It's gonna be rough but I can't wait to see what happens!

Divinity by booboo.kitty2.0
Chapter 9
first off, i'm so jealz that you get to see the Twi triple in HW! now for my review: bella is 135? really? i had no freaking clue! i love that sniffed his shirt before she fell asleep. i would have too! when they kissed in the library, i squeed out loud (hope i didn't wake anyone up in my house)! then when i found out it was a dream, i thought my jaw was going to break off lol that was such a cooter-block! it was quite funny how edward was teasing her with her sneaker. thank god for alice pushing her to run after him. HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS SPARKLY! that kiss! it was fanfuckingtastic! i got fucking chills from it! gah! LOVE THIS STORY!

Review by Viola_Cornuta
Chapter 24
concurrent, contemporaneous, causal, all the 'C' words are good when it COMES to orgasms

sorry it's over, but YAY-now I can read it again!

Public Relations by snshyne
Review by FOXY-FEET
Chapter 4
uummmm...that was one fuckhawt welcome that she gave him. i love him. he's such an eager-to-please guy. evry man should be so eager!

Public Relations by snshyne
Review by maria2906
Chapter 9
awwwwwwww they're too adorable! I laughed so hard at the part where he had actually named his laptop! Such a cute geek! But then the geek went all force and gave his woman multiple orgasms! mmmmm that's my man! So hot!

Public Relations by snshyne
Review by Rae Cullen
Chapter 4
"I stimulated her mind and her body and ignited her heart" - Such a beautiful line!

I love these two! I'm sad the epi is next chapter =( I'm not ready to say goodbye to these two!

Public Relations by snshyne
Review by mesmerizeme
Chapter 4
aww they said I love you to each other :D So sweet! I just wonder what was really going through her mind after Riley? She's always hot and the sex is great ;) It just seemed a little off this chapter because of Riley maybe?
Maybe she's afraid Edward would think less of her? The whole mark me thing - because Ri marked her?- would have been super hot probably if she wasn't begging for it to get rid of other memories? Maybe I just read it wrong? :\

You did great though! I can't believe it's coming to an end! I'm glad I came across this story though :) You doing awesome and I can't wait to find out how the next 2 chapters go and how it all ends :) Great job!

Public Relations by snshyne
Review by gitgit
Chapter 4

i had to fan my self after i read this chapter


what a hot chapter


and i wouldnt mind a hot edward any day


coming to lunch


or coming at lunch

Bite to Break Skin by Jillian Landers
Chap 7
Hm, I like the switch between Isabella and Bella. That should make it easier for Bella (and us too) to keep track of Edwards moods.

Chefward is too cute asking Bella what she wants for breakfast and then shooting down every idea she has. That is such a man thing to do. LOL!

Bella is having memories of her childhood... Edward wont like that at all. Silly over protective vamp!

Bella's skin looks paler? ~*~ Hmm, maybe with each birthday her vamp side will become more and more prominent all the more reason for Edward to stop being a brooding know it all emo vampire and change her already!
"Scolding the squirrels for looking?"~*~*~*~ ROFLOL! If she only knew, if she only knew. ... I would like to hear THAT scolding from EPOV.

I love how Edward and Bella both keep getting glimpses in to the others minds. Hm, this could really be fun!

The a/c LOL! Edward is such a teenage boy at times. Love it that the guys called him out on it too! Bella getting embarrassed and adding extra layers to cover up with was great too.

I love that Rose keeps provoking Edward. Poor clueless guy doesnt even realize that she keeps goading him in to getting closer to Bella. Rose might even be more diabolical than Alice is.


Aw, Carlisles father daughter talk was so sweet. You can really tell that he and Bella have a special bond. It was cute seeing Carlisle get scolded by Alice for ruining Bella's makeup. LOL!


Twitter! Love it! Hm, I wonder which tweet chefward was making then. These guys are so funny with their tweets!


"For the birthday girl and her date for the evening—the limo."~*~ Carlisle called Edward her date! YAY! Bella having thoughts about Edwards possible mate is a little sad but also hopeful in that maybe she'll start looking at all of the clues that she herself is mated to him. Hmmph, stupid brooding emo thinks he knows it all vampire! He could make all of this easier for everyone if he would just talk to her already.

"Please be careful, Isabella. The owner will expect Echo Charlie returned in the same condition as it was lent—Carlisle says he's a bit of a control freak. And don't touch anything, I would hate for us to crash." Joe laughs from up ahead and I think I hear him mutter something along the lines of 'ain't that the truth.'"~*~*~*~*~*~* ROFLOL! 50? A control freak? Perish the thought! Love it! I'm jealous though, I want to take a ride in Echo Charlie myself. I dont blame Emmett at all for pouting over missing his turn. Love Bella making up her mind that she wants her own EC too. I can see some fun times in the future with that one. They'll have to hide the keys from Emmett for sure though. LOL!


""'"I'm afraid I cannot Isabella. Mr. C lives in town and he expects his toy back promptly or he'll fear Echo Charlie has gone missing." ~*~*~*~*~* Hmm, is that what happened to our dear 50? Hopefully he'll show back up now that you've returned Echo Charlie.


"'"'""I don't much care—frankly this is the only expensive thing I have ever asked for, and I'm a little put out that considering all of the toys all of you people have, that you would deny me this one thing.""'"'" ~*~*~*~*~* hmm, I think Bella might have figured out how to work over dear old dad.


HA! Love Edward getting all flustered over Bella asking if he thought he was her father! LOL, no wonder that thought bothered him consider a few hours earlier Alice caught him playing peek-a-boob! Not very fatherly thoughts there.


"'"'"'I don't grant forgiveness, I get even.""'"'"'"~*~*~*~ Hm, that sounds like a promise of fun times ahead!


I love Alice and Rose sneaking champagne and contraband food in. That was such a big sister move to make. Rose likes the hybrid more than she is letting on.

"I suspect you're not feeling very well right now. A girl your size consuming all that fried food and then eating the meal I planned for you. I am surprised you have yet to puke."~*~*~*~* That rat bastard knew what he was doing! Sneaky vamp having her eat all that extra food. Hmm, he might have picked up a few things from Emmett over the years. Silly vamp doesnt seem to get (hmm or maybe it is intentional) that running Bella around at vamp speed right after eating all that food is NOT a good thing. You are supposed to wait at least 30 mins before going on any rides after you eat. Sneaky rat bastard. Hmmph.


I lean forward a fraction of an inch. Edward leans in as well and my stomach lurches. Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me! My moment of near bliss is interrupted by Emmett clearing his throat.~*~*~*~*~*~* Dang! Cock blocked by Emmet of all people. Rose better make sure she punishes him well for that one.


Presents- Leave it to Alice to find a way around things. Bella now has means to buy her very own Echo Charlie! Awesome! Jaspers gift will come in handy and be fun too. Esme giving a girls trip is sweet and will be fun which Bella will love. Hmm, I wonder if stalkerward will follow them on their girls trip? I'm thinking yes, yes he will. Rose's gift was perfect. It combined something that Rose herself loves, something Bella will love, and something Edward will hate. It's a win win situation! I LOVE Edwards gift. That one gives you the heart flutters. I wanted Bella to jump up and attack him after he gave it to her... all in due time I know. Emmett as always is a hoot. Only he would think it's a good idea to take a human hunting with a vampire. Edward will NOT like this AT ALL! Which of course makes it the perfect gift! Carlisles gift is the most poignant of all. I wonder what Bella will think when she gets a chance to stop and think about it... Edward going all domineering protective vampire and threatening to tear the whole family apart limb from limb, while an over exaggeration, was H-O-T! man I love a growling Edward!
Carlisle will turn you if you review.~*~*~*~*~*~ OK, I reviewed, now how quickly will Carlisle arrive? Better yet, can Edward do it?



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