Hump Your Readers Wednesday 6.16.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

Two Makes Three by xXTailoreddreamsXx
Review by 1madhatter
Chapter 24
Wow. I just started this story yesterday evening,stayed up until 4am and just had the time to finish and I am OWNED. This story has consumed me so much. And if these ~~~~~~ end up being that loser Jake's I think I will lose my marbles. No...really. lol AMAZING story,I am loving it! Even though I wish the Jake issue would just go away all together. I hate when his name enters a chapter :/ I adore this Stalkerward and this Alice is great too :) Can't wait for an update now!

All That Jazz by javamomma0921
(When I first read this, it was on my phone and I only caught the "disappointed" part at first. My heart nearly stopped. But when I read the rest, it nearly brought tears to me eyes. This was so nice to hear about something I wrote! Thanks you!!)
ch. 3
I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in the fact that I can't hole myself up from the world with your story and several pots of coffee for the rest of the day and night. But I am excited to be able to take this ride with you from the beginning :D Beautifully written, and very well thought out. Keep up the amazing work mama!

Teenage Kicks by missrebecca
Review by romanceaholic
(I get these reviews after nearly every chapter, she simply sums up my chapters and I love her for it, she makes me see if what I'm doing is right and although mostly there's no additional praise it just makes me feel good :D) 

Chapter 8
Alice and her wonderful party plans. Always over the top when decorating. Bella talks a lot when intoxicated. At least Edward knows Bella wants him and what actually happened when she was kidnapped. Learned her guilt in the death of both her father and her brother. Logically she knows it isn't true, but it doesn't solve the pain of the events either. Edward was smart to tell Bella to wait with her proposition until tomorrow morning when she was sober. Bella wants him very much and she admitted she didn't think she was worthy of him. Edward while Bella was sleeping on his shoulder wondered if he was worthy of her. Based on all the things that happened to her and her courage to move beyond it. Bella will tell him the same thing in the morning. She misses him a lot and he misses her also.

Under the Apple Tree by danieller123
Review by sallycr
chapter 34
im so happy i could cry! standing ovation for blue-balls season finale yayyyy!

The Long Way Home by EvieKinz
ch 34
i cant believe its over, it just felt like yesterday it started... *wipes tear*

to be serious i loved the story, it made me laugh it made me cry, made me want to stab james in the eye, and laugh while he whimpers and dies...

Review by lindamaine
(This woman 
makes me smile - every time she leaves some lovin'!)
Chapter 19
"Oh, thank you for this! I've been reading this angsty thing that is turning out to be kind of not well written and not worth it but I just can't seem to stop and then Thank GOD you updated. What a breath of fresh air! When Edward ran into the pole, I just gave a happy sigh, and all was right with my world again." :)

Review by Wannabbella
Ch. 25 Lost & Found
Wow...I am stunned and speechless and so sad that this leg of their journey is over. This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. You have an amazing gift for words and I thank you for sharing this with us. I will be waiting for the sequel with baited breath.

The Cravings of Cake by restlessxpen
Review by cucumber07
Chapter 17
YEEEEESSS! HAILELUJIA! ALERT THE PRESS! We have found the cake! =D You just made my friggin night, no kidding. I've been waiting for this update and I must say, you didn't disappoint. Not that I'm surprised, this STORY is like cocaine. lmao. Great job, as usual. I loved it and cant wait for the next chappie!

Brilliance by JustineNicole6
Review by opal aline
Chapter Six - Outtake
Oh my dear Jesus! My heart has stopped and my lady parts are quivering! That was so good! I love it! Go Jasper and Alice!

I'll never be able to eat strawberries again without getting turned on! LOL! Such a HOT! chapter and I loved how you wove some plot in there as well! You are outstanding!

Bitten Twice Shy by lifelesslyndsey
Review by Rosella Whitlock
Chapter 14
"Now I will be wondering what the hell God & Peter are talking about because I'm convinced this story continues even when you're not writing it. "

This has to be my favorite compliment ever!

The Bronx Bombers by lilmissweetsin2380
Review by I'moneinamillion
that was great. i really want to know if you are a boy or girl because if you are a girl, i have to give you a well deserve props. because i myself is a girl and i cuoldn't even imagine myself writing like this.

this story is like me, oneinamillion.

update soon.

Sheer Crimson by Jadiona
Review by nickeyd26
Ch 10 - Fought Over
Oh My God! What the hell is wrong with Edward. For a vampire that has incredible strength, he is such a fucking pansy!!! He is giving the opportunity to not only change Bella into a vampire but also break Turner's hold on her and he has to fucking think about it?!? It would serve him right for Bella to chose Turner over him! Someone needs to smack some sense into him, "Emmmmeetttt, can you do me a teeny tiny favor?"

Distortion by wordslinger
Holy fucking crap, I love you! I spent a horrible hour or so following up on what I thought was an awesome fanfic lead, and all the stories I found turned out to be shit. And then, the last one ( of course) I checked was yours, and woman, you just salvaged my life! I would totally give you a ten paragraph review on your awesomeness and digging into the deeper meaning of your stories, but in exactly two hours and forty- one minutes my alarm clock is going to begin its ear-rape, and I am going to have to drag my butt out if bed to go run a 5k which I somehow got signed up fir, despite the exorbitant price. *sigh* it was a fundraiser for a good cause.

But, anywho, yeah, I am leaving, but I will be back to finish stalking your stories, afterwhich I am going through your author notes of awesome and checking up on every single story you've suggested. But that's for later. Right now all I'm doing is adding you on twitter and hoping to get my two hours and thirty-six minutes of sleep. (yes, reviews do take that long to type when you're using a stupid iPod touch. No offense to my iPod, of course.)

so goodnight. Or morning. I'll be back. I just lost another minute.

Homecoming by dontrun
Review by vvply01
Chap 21
It is amazing how quickly Bella and Edward have gotten sooo close. Love how you got Edward to convince Bella to go to therapy. Edward is such a good person through and through (love it). Emmett is so wise for a young big guy.

Could you forward your template to mother nature for Emmett and Edward cuz I want my daughters to meet someone like them.

Review by city bookworm 
Chapter 10
I always like the stories that have different ways of Bella and Edward meeting. Having Tanya kidnap Bella resulting in the Cullens rescuing her is really interesting. All the growing up twists and turns make Bella a more complex character.I especially like that the other Cullens have a relationship with Bella, too. If you keep writing I'll keep reading.

Homecoming by dontrun
Review by angelbeautiful12
Chapter 22
This is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. The writing is great and the storyline is touching, sad, and happy all wrapped together.

Review by luvmytwins
ch 10
You really know how to rip a heart into shreds...

I need a new box of tissues after reading this chapter!

My goodness! WHAT a great story! The plot is beyond comprehension sometimes! I have no idea what I would do if thrown into Bella's situation! How on earth is this going to turn into something good?

Well, thanks for sharing and can't wait to read more!

Distortion by wordslinger
Review by JBC719
So I'm trying to decide if I should continue reading this or not. 

You see, the first chapter has me really intrigued. I honestly have no clue what's going on and I'm really interested to see where you are taking it. 

But, at the same time, I'm hesistant. I'm afraid that I'm going to read this and really dig it, only to find that it may never be updated. 

This has nothing to do with you (I'm referring to you dear author). I've read lots of ffics that were uncompleted and that's okay. It was still worth the ride. But there are a few out there that I just fell in love with that most likely will not be updated. That's also okay, that's life. But I just don't want my heart broken again. ; )

I've decided that it's too tempting. I'm fairly sure I'll be reading the rest of this. And I suspect I'm going to really like it. And should real life (which is SO much more important) should get in the way and cause the story to remain unfinished... well... I suspect it will be worth it this time, too. 8 )

All kidding aside, I really do find myself interested to see where you take this. I also appreciate your writing style, which makes reading this all the more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your 'baby' with others.

Review by SKelley62
Chap 22
I found your story listed on another author's favs and I must say, it is fantastic. I have spent most of the day reading (instead of sleeping since I work the night shift) and it is unconditionally worth every exhausting minute I will have tonight. It is really an amazing story. The poem that Edward recites to Bella while he is worshiping her body, OMFG, makes this the best first time I have ever read, and I have read hundreds, if not thousands of fanfics since discovering them in October. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this for us!

Review by EnamoredHeart
Chap 22
Well, Ms. Suzie, this chapter was a gem! I mean it! It was perfect in the sense that this is life! 

I loved that you used that Neruda poem and I suppose it takes an actor to woo his lady with such lines. 

His thoughts before and after doing the deed simply cracked me up! LOL 

Before, asking himself if he can do it or not, and after wanting to ask if he can move in with all his shit! That was fun! 

Of course that slip of the tongue on his part about marriage was absolutely hilarious, but it also spoke volumes about the future he sees for their relationship. I suppose Bella will realize that, eventually. 

Bella acknowledging that she finally gave in to him emotionally, so he broke her in a good way, was a sight to behold. 

I literally can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

Review by BuffBronze
Chap 4
Gah! Ok I'm really hooked now..Edward is so conflicted at the start of this chapter and just can't control himself around her...but by then end he knows he has to man up and can't let her slip away...soooooo bloody romantic.

Thanks for replying to my reviews.

PS...your writing is just brilliant!

Review by Redsock
Chap 7
FORGIVE ME for not reviewing sooner... I can honestly say that I've been greedily reading straight through as ROH is enormously addicting. Well done author!

You're doing a wonderful job of telling a story that might otherwise be a bit cutsie for it's trading on RL. But your style and the story arcs are so well developed that I'm believing in your Hollywood - Twilight style totally.

Edward is particularly charming as his instant love affair whacks him over the head... He's good hearted and kind even if caught in web of starmaker deceit. Please don't misunderstand, however, I also adore your Bella - Plucky Bella is my favorite and this one has it in spades...

Love it all including biotchy Rose, "Southern" Jasper, loyal/adorable Alice and the rest, so please allow me to keep going!

Thank you sincerely for sharing,


Review by Twicrazreader
Chap 11
Hey Suzie55:

Your right we are getting to the good stuff now. I can't wait for their first time. I know it will be so good.

I am really enjoying this story as you can tell it 1:15am and I am still reading it.


Review by Twylightfan4life
Chap 22
What a beautiful chapter...young love! I love this story, they truely have come a long ways in such a short time. I can't wait to read where you are taking them next.

Review by Popquizkid
Chap 21
i just discovered your little fic...and i love it! i gotta admit, i was really sold to read it by the playtist you posted in your profile. as a big music fan (freak?) i was dully impressed by your song choices. i'm a huge wilco and band of horses fan, and was happily hooked when i saw that some of your chapters were inspired by their songs. in fact, when reading chapter 19, i kinda heard BoH's "I go to the barn because i..."'s such a delicate lovesong that seems to match bella's testimony and edward's reaction. 

anyway, i can't wait for chapter 22! :)



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