Friday's Fic Fit 6.25.2010

Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

For today's reading pleasure, Flanny would like to rec Under the Apple Tree by danieller123.

FL95 said: "It's some of the best written, heart clenching fanfiction out there right now. Every chapter dani writes just pulls on your heart strings and she doesn't need 10,000 words to do it. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)"

Love that hurts can sometimes heal. Ever wish you could go back and change something you did in life? Bella does. E x B, AH

Flanny's official pimpage: Under the Apple Tree hit me like a freight train. Seriously.
I already knew the author as a reviewer, and I had bookmarked her fic to read when I had a chance, simply because I liked her. When the rec came in on the blog, immediately I attached my name to it for review.
It’s not often that a fic grabs me by my figurative balls.
Readers be warned, this does not start out as a pretty story. It’s dark and brutal, with a simple, straightforward narrative that is almost unsettling:
This guy is not as gentle as Newton. He likes role playing and spanking. He doesn't give pet names and he degrades as he fucks me. He wants me to look at him and he tells me the truth about myself the whole time. He's twice Mike's size, in every area, and it hurts. He's paying twice as much, but I want out.
I want him out.
Bella is a stripper and, when necessity dictates, also a prostitute with a sordid history, while Edward is a respected Paediatrician. Before you get any ideas, I need to stress; this story isn’t Pretty Woman at all. I mean, we’ve all read Hookerella fics before, but what makes Under the Apple Tree different is that it’s completely plausible. I find myself emotionally invested at every step.
Dani’s writing is nuanced with poignant imagery, conveyed in a clear, almost journalistic manner:
He is no longer human, no longer just a simple human man. He isn't married, he isn't a father and he isn't civilized. He is a child who watched his mother get a rifle-butt to the head, an open hand across her cheek and a fist in her eye. He is a teenager who learned how to become a man from street thugs. He is the person who cuts your lawn and trims your bushes and you don't even know his name. He is a green a uniform and a, "Good Morning, Mrs. Newton," and someone you talk about with your tennis friends because he has a body like a God and your husband fucks other women.
Edward and Bella are both flawed in this story, only Bella’s flaws are closer to the surface whereas Edward’s scars are buried deeper.
The reader spends a lot of time squirming uncomfortably in Bella’s head as she suffers through an unwanted pregnancy while living on the streets. Meanwhile, Edward is tormenting himself over the loss of his wife, while dutifully playing the role of Bella’s saviour. Through interactions with other characters, the author examines the theme of salvation and what makes a person deserving of it.
Without giving away any spoilers, the story does eventually take a turn towards the romantic:
I laugh and simply sit up. I take her hand and pull her with me. The room is dark and it is approaching night time; dusk. Dim grey light. The fire place isn't on. I was trying to keep the fever away. There is a new one. My hands go around her waist, fingers locking behind her back. Her arms rest on mine and we are not so much dancing; more like swaying back and forth. It is right. It is wrong. I am wrong. It is just a dance, casual. My body disagrees. The heat in my face and under my breastbone disagrees. The tingling under my skin disagrees.
Despite the heartfail, I found this story a smooth and quick read. Dani updates regularly and is quite responsive to reviews, so make sure to send her some love when you check out her story.

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