Have you guys missed us?! Here is a preview of our upcoming show: Rosalie - The Ice Queen Cometh.

Also, check out our Fandom Gives Back Auctions!!!

Fic Pushin' Podcast guest spot

Come hang out with us as a guest on the Fic Pushin' Podcast. Each episode we tackle a theme and rec stories that are related to that theme. 

Instead of an episode, the winning bidder can choose to join us for a Fic Pushin' segment that we call Straight to the Vein. 

Come toss around ideas on our discussion thread!

Take over a Hump Your Readers Wednesday

Post your all time favorite reviews - The ones that gave you warm fuzzies. The ones that made you laugh out loud. The ones that motivated you to keep writing. You can also use the space to give shoutouts to reviewers who are special to you. Or send a message of inappropriate love to your readers. Whatever you want to do, as long as it's in the spirit of showing appreciation for readers of twific.

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