The Fandom People Awards

The Twific Pimps have a new venture! We have created an awards for the people and by the people. The Fandom People Awards is coming this fall.

There are so many great award sites in our fandom that give recognition to outstanding stories. However, we want to acknowledge the people that make this fandom such a fantastic thing to be a part of.

With categories for readers, writers, artists, betas and bloggers, we can all celebrate each other!

For example:

Nicest Author on Twitter

Author Who Consistently Replies to Reviews

Best Fic Pimp

Most Consistent Reviewer

Best Beta for Grammar and Sentence Structure

Most Original Banner Themes and Pictures

Rec Site You Would Most Like to be Rec'd On

Favorite Site for Fic Discussions

We would love to hear from you! Do you have any ideas or suggestions for categories? You can fill out this form.

Make sure you check out The Fandom People Awards Site and follow on Twitter for updates!


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