Hump Your Readers Wednesday 7.7.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

Winter of Love by BelleDean
Review by bookjunkie1975
Chapter 25
OK, so my BFF is very much like your Rose and back when we were all in HS she decided, just like Rose, that she needed to teach me and our other 2 friends, exactly how to give a good BJ. Her instructions were very similar to Rose's except she used a spoon for demonstration purposes. We were at a coffee shop. I'm amazed we didn't get kicked out! That's probably over sharing. Anyways, moving on...I loved Bella and Edward sitting in the kitchen, the amplification of Bella's senses, how every sound was so intense and then her discovery that Edward was just as distracted as she was. You've captured the physical intensity of first love really really well! And the BJ was hot. ;)

Winter of Love by BelleDean
Review by Sunfeathers
Chapter 27 The Day After
"Wow, that was extremely hot outdoor sex, Belle! I'm so happy for them right now - I worry though that things will happen to pull them apart. Whether it be his crazy mother or college or his own feelings of guilt ... but for now, I'm so enjoying their first love and how they can't keep their hands off each other!

Oh, and Charlie was *awesome* in this chapter! They have a great parent in Charlie ... too bad I can't say the same for the Cullens and Esme. She's a shrew, and a crazy one at that.

Thanks so much for writing - can't wait for more!"

Review by todream
Chapter 26
Wow! So many loose ends tied up in this chapter. Seth and Bella somehow move closer to dealing with him imprinting, and Jacob and Bella clear up the whole "stuck in La Push" comment. I also love how you weave in their everyday lives, like painting and assembling a crib, in the midst of serious issues. I also think your imprinting theories are so wonderful and very believable. I AM SURE SM WOULD BE PROUD. I am so glad your school thing worked out, and we readers get to keep getting Kangaroo updates. Great work, my little French Fry!

Bronx Bombers by lilmissweet sin
Review by JLBMoctober
chapter 7
"This chapter was SO tough for me to read and beta because I was angry with Emmett for being so emotionally rough with Bella. She gives it back to him, but it just makes me so nervous. I'm glad he recognized what a shit he was to her and how she deserves to be treated.

I agree with Bella that they fell in love so fast, but sometimes you just can't help it!

When you see Jasper, send him over. I miss him. :)

Love you! :)

is not only a constant cheerleader but a good friend and a awesome writer who deserves mad props!!!!"

After All by Scorp112
Review by Mickster
Chapter 16
"I have not reviewed until now because I was sitting at a coffee shop bored and found your story on my blackberry of all things, and read as much as I could before coming home to read the last few chapters on my computer. This story is amazing. It is grammatically correct (many are not), which in and of itself makes it a complete pleasure to read, but the plot and your characters are so easy to love and feel connected to. I love how Jake is the pain in the ass friend who calls and nags her all the time, I love the bed scene with Emmett...too funny! Edward is so sweet, maybe a bit too sweet for my liking, but it is good for Bella at this point. Where is Jasper, by the way? Will he be Bella's therapist, once she finally breaks down in front of someone and has to admit she needs help? Hmmm...I thought he might be a prof. at Udub, but not so far...

I am totally loving this story and I can't wait to see were you take them all. I saw the word ""Angst"" in the description of the story, so I was prepared for it and you wrote it well. I am guessing that you will continue to write the angst, romancee and everything else as well as the first half is.

Thanks for sharing this story!"

After All by Scorp112
Review by iole01
Chapter 15
Wow, just wow. That was incredible! How you manage to right such believable chapters with such vivid emotions and scenes is beyond me! I absolutely adore your style of writing and your story and I can't wait for more

Review by maria2906
Chapter 1
"And this is proof of the fact that 100 words can make a person cry way more easily than 12000 of them if they are written by someone with talent."

Review by maria2906
Chapter 3
"omg I'm freaking soon as I saw the title I knew what awaited me :/ It was such an amazing thing for you to put a greek title! Being greek myself it was a great surprise :)

God I can't even express how amazing this deep and heartbreaking :( every decision comes with concequences..maybe one must not be too greedy? Enjoy what is given to him and not ask for too much?How will he possibly live with what happened? How will he able to compensate for the experiences his daughter won't ever enjoy because of his actions :( of course he couldn't have known.Ppl always want more..want what they don't have..want want want.."

Public Relations by snshyne
Review by sharkbellywhite
Chapter 10
"Loved the HEA ending...yeah...too much angst makes me sad, so I couldn't be smiling more as I type this!  Thanks for a great story, and the fact that you packed it into 10 chapters is amazing...not drawn out, to the point, yet entertaining...Well done!  Thanks!"

Public Relations by snshyne

Review by DanySpike
Chapter 10
"Thank you very much for writing this, I loved this Edward, he's so ""real"", not like the extremely self assured we're used to read.

I wouldn't say No to a sequel...just putting it out there lol

Thanks again!"

Public Relations by snshyne
Review by keyecullen
Chapter 10
"You wrapped up this story fabulously!  Bella had been itching for a year to get to rub Edward in Angela's face.  Priceless!  All of it.  Of course with the clincher being everyone hearing them have sex in the bathroom of the boat!  And Edward getting to give the commencement speech at Dartmouth.  Just awesome.  Loved the way that Edward ignored Angela!

Finally the proposal.  How fitting!  I so enjoyed the little presentation followed by Edward going down on one knee to propose.  And, it seems, that Edward has lost a bit of his shyness by promptly asking about desk sex and getting right to it!  LOL!  The ring was beautiful by the way.  I love how you have photos of everything on your blog as well as a wealth of other info!

I so enjoyed this story.  It is sad that it ended but I will say, I feel that you wrapped everything up in a nice neat little package so I don't feel like I have any unanswered questions.  You are an excellent writer and very thorough!"

Cat O' Nine Tails by booboo.kitty2.0
Review by lovetoplay2
Chapter 5
"I started reading this & can't stop! I love the plot & the pirate theme- it's so nice to read something different for a change. And I really like your Edward & Bella in this. The visual of Edward walking out of the water in this chapter was amazing! I'm shocked at Bella's reveal, and all I gotta say is that the Queen Bitch better get hers! And her nasty son too. Thanks for the fun read! *mwah* :)"

Back to You by Confettirainfall
Review by Ivy Kelley
Chapter 1
Oh. My. God. This story is absolutely amazing! And, it's not just amazing because of the powerful lemon either! Once those two got together, I felt like I could breathe again! I love it! I love it! I love it! Fantastic job!

Back to You by Confettirainfall
Review by Ivy Kelley
Chapter 2
I was so scared something bad had happened, and he wouldn't be able to show up! Then I was afraid that Edward would talk himself out of it. Phew! What a chapter! I would love to see another installment for this one!

Show Me by booboo.kitty2.0
Review by insanemum
"The ladies from ""Fic Pushin"" sent me over and I'm ever so glad they did! Smokin' hawtness right there. If only Steph could write like this! But then we wouldn't have all this delicious fic available. Very nice - going to look at your other stuff right now!"

Chapter 7
I never review stories but I thought yours deserved one. This story is excellent. I have followed it since chapter one and it is one of the very best I have ever read. It is so well written and the plot is fantastic. You've had me on the egde of my computer chair from the very beginning and I feel like throwing a party every time you update. I love this fic and I thought someone should tell you how amazing it is. Thanks.

Nuptial Nightmares by Confettirainfall
Review by Ivy Kelley
Wow! With an in-law like that, you don't need any enemies! What a nightmare! I just knew there would be a switch and it would really be Esme.

Nuptial Nightmares by Confettirainfall
Review by TwilightCakes
Loved it!  I definitely liked this fic though - it was really well written and I can tell that you put a lot of work into it, so Kudos to you! I really liked the twist at the end, and how you made Alice seem normal at first, like maybe it was just Bella's imagination or something. I also thought it was good how you made Alice's little problems small at first, then get progressively bigger and harder to fix. Very well done!



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