Friday's Fic Fit 7.16.2010

Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

For today's reading pleasure, Althea would like to rec Surrendered by eviekinz.

Anonymous said, "It's a great read and it's different with Bella looking to take the lead in a D/S relationship."


figistarr said, "I would love to see a spotlight for "Surrendered" by eviekinz- it's really great, different, and well written. Not sure how it's slipped under the radar...The insight into the characters heads/psychology is fantastic!"

Are you down with a bit of D/s in your fic? Me too. Read on...

Most of my pleasure comes from controlling them, not f**king them. Edward Cullen should be no exception to this rule. And yet, I can't stop thinking about him." Will Bella get control over Edward? Will Edward submit to her desires? D/S
Althea's official pimping:

I am fascinated with Surrendered by EvieKinz. It’s unique in the way that it digs into the psychology behind dominance and submission. This Bella is working through some shit...

“I've always thought my control issues were just that - issues. Everyone has them, right? I just don't own mine very well. But now, I see that my "issue" is much deeper. It's become less about "control" and more about my emotional state, and the aggression I feel when I don't have control...

Mistress says control, domination, submission, and sex are all separate entities, and that I need to disassociate them - a task easier said than done.”

Bella realizes that her issues with men and control go far beyond any realm of normalcy after encountering Edward Cullen at a bar. Bella gets worked up as she's observing his behavior, which she perceives to be the typical display of the red-blooded, misogynist asshole.

“He doesn't really like women. He likes what he thinks women can do for him; an abuser of sorts. I have no doubt he will tell a woman whatever she wants to hear to get her into bed but then doesn't hesitate to tell her to get the fuck out after he comes on her.”

Even though she knows him as the brother of one of her patients, she decides that this RPS (rude piece of shit) deserves to be taught a lesson. Bella lures him to her home, where she proceeds to tie him up and humiliate him to teach his arrogant, misogynist ass a lesson.

The fallout for this recklessness is that Bella seeks out help. She finds this help in the form of Mistress Rose, who offers to train Bella to channel her need to control into more fulfilling avenues of enjoyment.

About Rose:

“I hear the sound of leather slapping against her palm as she speaks. She's great at the psychology of domination. She gets you into the desired state of mind by simply wearing a certain color or making certain sounds.”

I'm a bit fascinated and equally scared of Rose's professional intensity. But I'm enjoying her role as Obi Wan in Bella's exploration of this dominant side of herself.

On this path, Bella keeps finding her mind drifting back to RPS (rude piece of shit) and what she'd like to do to him. Even while "training" as a dom with other men:

“Even though he was so large, I could still pull him any which way I'd choose with ease. I decided I would invest in a sleeve of my own.

RPS in an arm sleeve.

God dammit! Why did I keep thinking about that insufferable prick?”

Only 6 chapters in, it's early to tell where this fic will go, and I'm dying to know how the Bella and Edward dynamic will play out. How can they overcome that initial encounter? And how would their internal pulls between hatred and fascination with one another influence them if they were to find their way to each other. I look forward to seeing where Eviekinz goes with this!!

Surrendered on

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