Episode 3 - Ain't Nothing But a Reader Thang

Just a Reader: How important readers are to the fandom.

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In our third episode, Althea, Flanny, Jess and Kari welcome our guest Squalloogal to discuss how important readers are to the TwiFic community. Far more than the reviews we leave, which are essential to an author’s motivation, readers can communicate with authors, and each other, through twitter and forums. And we didn’t forget to talk about how monumental The Fandom Gives Back is!

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We asked you guys to tell us the ways that readers contribute to the community, and here are some of your answers:

twificreader said, “By reviewing and sharing their favorite stories with each other. Oh, and sharing in the ridiculous twitter banter.”

Noble Korhedron said, “Giving polite critical reviews, being fans of works, giving people the reward of knowing stories are appreciated.”

Hezpixie said, “Oh Jesus, they're what make the community what it is! Ok, well, authors do too, but without readers, where the hell would we be? They are the lifeblood of the Twific community, IMO. The readers don't have to worry about writing their own stuff so they can (and do!) dedicate their time to getting word out about good fic, making banners/blinkies/etc, and reviewing religiously to give us author's more motivation to keep writing. They act as our betas, our pre-readers, and our hand-holders, our cheerleaders, and our biggest fans. They start threads, leave comments, create blogs, record podcasts, create awards, nominate us for awards, and vote for us in awards. Seriously... is there anything these readers DON'T do?”

LittleLea05 said, “Help pimp out stories they like that they think people should read.
Readers can also be pre-readers for authors.”

Edmazing said, “Readers fall in love with the stories and want to share that love with everyone we can! We gush about the boy that we can't get enough of and seek solace from our ff friends when he breaks our hearts. Just about every story I've read has been become somebody recc'd it, reviewed it, or nominated it somewhere or other. And, in turn, every story I've fallen head over heels for I've told somebody about.”

cathyl1226 said, “reviews, reviews, reviews.  and beta”

Myg said, “Fic readers are amazing contributors to my creative process. [They’ve] come up with theories and ideas and seen things in my story and my characters I never knew were there…They really taught me a lot about my own writing!” 

Robzsinger said, “I blog about different stories I have read (try to pimp the story to others or share thoughts with fans who have also read the story).  But I write about them  mainly because I enjoyed reading them so. 
I also contribute by reading a lot of fan fiction;) 
Participating in FGB."

Skeezon said, “Well, of course there are all the donations to FGB!
Also, readers are the ones who keep ff alive. They are impassioned by the stories, which encourages them share with their friends, discuss and debate theories and keep authors on track by holding them accountable for their writing.”

An anonymous reader said, “We keep the authors motivated.”

SuzsPetals said, “Twific has inspired fans to try their hand at writing when they might not have otherwise. For the most part, Twific readers are the most generous, encouraging people out there. If you're interested in pursuing writing outside of the fandom, it can be a great place to try it out in a safe, supportive environment. It might not always be be indicative of the 'real world' but it can still be a learning experience. At the extreme, readers who trash or 'flame' a writer don't get the spirit of Twific and should look over their shoulders for Karma. She's a bitch.”

fictionfandnb said, “Readers are a story's life support. When a writer is at the end of her rope, a reader can pop up and say absolutely anything, and all of a sudden, "We've got a pulse!"”

JustineNicole6 said, “I think the readers can contribute by reviewing honestly. It lets the author know what they're doing right/wrong. Not to mention, it's a great feeling for the author when people take the time to let them know what they think.”

AmelieGee tweeted (and louisabecks retweeted), “Readers give the support to the authors. Getting love encourages me to keep going. Close bonds form that last beyond the fic.”

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            *In the Blink of an Eye by thatwritr
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            *Only Human by Amethyst Jackson
            *Osa Bella by Myg
            *Stranger Than Fiction by MasenVixen
            *Swirl and Daisy by m81170
            *The Blessing and The Curse by The Black Arrow
            *Twinned by Conversed
            *Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003

Squalloogal’s (Squally’s) favorite list on FF.net.

Stay tuned for more pimpin’!



At July 20, 2010 at 12:20 AM , Blogger Anais Mark said...

Squally sent me here -- nice job ladies!

As a "just a reader" for a year, I always wondered how I contributed to the fandom. As an author, I know exactly how important readers are to the fandom!

And Squally is a prime example of what a single reader can do without ever submitting even a one-shot.

What a fabulous tribute to them.
Thank you, ladies!

~Anais Mark


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