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Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

For today’s reading pleasure, Jess would like to rec Stolen Souls by Nayarit.

Nym said, “This fic, is some thing I would never take the time to read, I am usually put off any fic with dark themes, and this one has ""very Dark themes"" I convinced a friend to pre read it chapter, for chapter with me, because I am such a chicken!

Phew!!! It is like nothing I have ever read, and I have read alot! Its themes are so real, so deep and the plot is so intense. I have been rec'ing it pretty hard and I still think that is truely deserves the time to be taken to read. It needs some loving! I think it will encourage this truely talented author to continue with this disturbingly addictive read... Please please please read this!!


Stolen Souls by Jules


Twilight and Pixie are dancers at a prominent gentlemen's club in lower Chicago called Novolunie. This is the story of the two mysterious dancers' haunted existence as told through the eyes of the other lives that weave through them. And in one night everything will change. What happens when life as you knew it wasn't what you thought at all, and will never again be the same? Tortured pasts, jumbled futures, secrets, lies, betrayals, and salvation and love where you least expect it bleed together and all center around one thing--the stable. When life changes and pasts, presents, and futures all crash into another, who will survive? NC-17/DARK/OOC

Jess’ official pimping:

I actually discovered this fic when there were only three chapters. I read them and loved them, but when the updates came in, I didn’t find the time to keep up with them. So when I saw this fic had been rec’d to us, I knew it was time to catch up!

I struggled with how best to pimp this fic because the plot is so thick and so twisted that to try and summarize here would just butcher it. Also, the characters are so unique but still clearly carry canon traits, and they all have complicated backstories, which haven’t all been explained yet, so, again, I don’t want to butcher them.

This fic contains every dark theme you can think of, but it pulls you in with a strong sense of a light at the end of the darkest tunnel you’ve ever read. It’s not a bright light, and we haven’t been promised an HEA, but I still think you can feel that it’s gotta get better than the way things start out, even if it may have to get worse first.

Briefly put, Bella and Alice are sisters that were forced into slavery when they were orphaned. They’re now strippers and prostitutes with no way out in sight. Jasper and Edward visit the club for Edward’s bachelor party, and though both meet their respective ladies and feel an attraction, only Jasper makes the important connection that Alice is his other half and that the club is much more than it seems.

Well-written, well-thought out, and well-developed, this fic leaves you with a lot of questions – in the good way. She tells the story from all the points of view, and each character has real depth and some serious personal flaws. I love the way they connect over the darkest parts of themselves. Even Jasper, the main hero thus far, is quite dark himself and willing to do things to save the day that most heroes would frown upon.

Unable to make Stolen Souls fit into a neat box for this FFF, I’ll leave you here with some of the quotes that really stood out to me.

“V moem mire spasenie prihodit v grobu.”

“In our world salvation only comes in a coffin.”


“Twilight was crawling her way toward bills that men held out and giving them specific attention, spreading her thighs in front of them and letting them put the bills in her mouth. My blood boiled. I couldn't decide what upset me more: that they were using her or that I wasn't. As she made her way around the men and bills, I couldn't stop watching the way her chocolate waves caressed across her creamy skin or how she licked her red tinted lips or how she ran her red nails over the skin of her thighs or lower stomach. All too soon she was leaving the stage and I had to physically tense to keep myself from getting up and following her.”


“I was left in the room completely bare--literally--and it had never been truer. Nothing made sense to me anymore. I didn't even know who I was; I had changed so drastically in such a short amount of time. And I couldn't help the disgust that built up in me.

Disgust with myself for hurting Tanya and not being what she deserved.

Disgust with her for loving me regardless.

Disgust with the beautiful addict for needing to supply her habit.

Disgust with her for faking her orgasm; but most of all disgust in myself for not caring.

I didn't care that she faked it with me. I didn't care that her enjoyment was second to mine. I didn't care that her eyes were lifeless and bleak. I didn't care that she had a drug problem. I didn't care that Tanya loved me. I didn't care that I broke a promise to her. I didn't care that I had become a pathetic excuse for a man in less than one night. I didn't care that I had every reason to want to stay away from the mysterious beauty.

Because it didn't matter; I didn't want to stay away.

And that disgusted me more than anything.”


“I was beginning to hate retrospection. It's worse than a fucking parasite. And it was sucking me dry. But I was thinking that the whole "hindsight was twenty-twenty" thing was spitting in my face. There was no doubt in my mind that I messed up and if I even had the faintest idea of what I was getting myself into, I would have come better prepared. I saw the game that the big, blue-eyed one with the tattoos and accent was playing at. And I knew it was a trap, but I couldn't do anything because I was already caught. And I had never felt more stupid in my entire life. Part of me, and a part that I'm not too proud of, wished I could say that if I knew what I was getting myself into, I might not have come. But it was a lie. If I knew then just how dangerous this place was, I would have come sooner.

Alice was here.”


"I don't know what the hell is going on. I feel like I'm walking around outside my body and watching this movie play out in front of me. I know it's me, but in some twisted paradox it's not. Ever since last night . . . Jasper, I don't even know who I am anymore, nothing makes sense. Everything I've done in less than the past twenty-four hours has been completely unlike me, but yet I've done these things. I recognize that they are my actions, but I don't understand them. I really feel as though I'm in this haze and I can't grab onto anything concrete; everything is just superficial. I seriously have no fucking idea what to do here; nothing makes any sense at all. I haven't felt like this since . . . since last time and . . . fuck, I'm so tired of this. I don't like it and it fucking scares me. I thought it was over."


“I hadn't realized that tears ran down my face until their salty taste pricked my lips. It was mixed with the heavy, black mascara I was wearing. The tightening in my chest was the sweetest burn, and I hugged the little note to my body like he had once hugged me to his. In my entire life I had never met anyone like this Jasper, and I would tell myself time and time again to not get my hopes up about him, but I couldn't help it.”

Go read Stolen Souls, tell Nayarit that the TwiFic Pimps sent you, and revel in this beautifully dark fic!

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