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Like a Moth to a Flame by CitizenCullen25
Review by Jackie
Chapter 33
Bwahaha! I can't believe he fainted! That's priceless! Well.. So much too say.. I'm very happy she got her memory back.The smexin was awesome as usual! I'm so excited for the next chapter! I can't wait! If he passed out just from her water breaking I can't imagine what he will be like during the actual birth! Lol Anyways, I loved the chapter and thank you for all the time and hard work you put into this fic and sharing it with us :)

P.S sorry for any spelling and or grammar errors... I'm reviewing from mah I-Phone lol

Like a Moth to a Flame by CitizenCullen25
Review by Alexa
Chapter 33
Of course she'd remember shit when he mentioned knocking her up on birth it. and dude i may have pissed myself with tit juicer. i swear that's the first time I've ever heard it referred as that and i will never call it a breast pump again. man I love cocky Donward...le sigh



Review by SunnyBunny13
chapter 6

I was going to just say that but, OMG, I love it!

The conversation with the girls was hilarious! I love how happy and embarrassed and blushy Bella was talking about Edward.


"Oh and I almost forgot, before we got to the penthouse, Igavehimablowjobintheelevator," I finish saying the last bit of information all together hoping they can't decipher or crack my code.

"Um, something spontaneous for you would be like wearing your Saturday panties on Tuesday, not giving a rock star a blow job in an elevator. Jeez, Bells, that was more than spontaneous, what the hell?" Rose states.

I loved the sexy way you ended this! HOT DAMN I love them. :) I can see the crooked smile he has as her panties are dangling from his finger. GAH! I am SO happy he went after her! And that whole exchange about Harry Connick Jr. was hilarious! :) And there he was... standing in the doorway.. GAH! BRING IT ON!

Review by dani123
Chapter 3
I'm just gonna do some favorite quotes this time:

*I'm like a goddamn Bassett Hound.

Only handsome.

*Was he serious? 'Cause that shit just does not compute.

*"Yeah, fucking later, Seth, I'm not a goddamn ATM, ya know."

"You do know you just handed me a hundred dollars, right?" he asked, unsuredly, wondering if he should have brought it to my attention or not.

"Yeah, and I'll give you the other four when I get the fuck home," I told him.


Pushy little fucker

*"I got an Eleanor,*


*And I'm pretty sure the back seat is bigger than the Vanquish, too.

*Make up sex, is make up sex, my friends, you don't look that gift horse fuckery in the mouth.

*"Are you fucking kidding me, Swan? That's like asking me if I remember the first time I was sucked off in the back of the Van….quish…"


And friction ceasing.

"Which, I don't remember at all because…" I swallowed. "The basis of my goddamn existence didn't even begin until you came along."


So good mamahead!!!! So goood!!!

Losing Control by StupidLeeches
Chapter 18


i'm so sorry i haven't been reveiwing, but i read the whole thing today and i was FAR too engrossed to stop reading! *bashful smile*



i LOVE what you've done with him!

the wolf whore is slowly softeneing into a loving guy, and man is he HAWT!

i practically came in chapter 17!

i feel SO sorry for poor lillah!

carter is the BIGGEST ASSHOLE!

if he's based on a real person, tell me where he lives and i'll go nail his balls to the ceiling! =/

she sure is a lucky bunny to have embry though!

when is he gonna tell her he imprinted?

he to!

i am SOOOOOOO addicted to this fic so please write lots soon!



Losing Control by StupidLeeches
Review by rhythm junkie
Chapter 18
Well, shit on a stick. I rather enjoy Embry's version of 'friends'.

Losing Control by StupidLeeches
Review by valelf
Chapter 18
*note to self* When WH and NKR leave a warning telling you to not read at work - LISTEN!

Holy Crap! That was so hot. I don't even know what else to say. I wish I had access to a cold shower right now...

The chapter. Was. GOOD!

Losing Control by StupidLeeches
Chapter 18
Ugh. I hate you guys for making me betray my "Callwater" heart...but I love this! Ha only kidding, you guys are great. This story is very well written and is keeping me (and apparently many others) intrigued. Great chapter! Keep the fuckhawt coming! ;)

Review by Capricorn75
(Capricorn75 has had some great comments/adds about 70's music, FYI)
Ch 8
Oh jeez, I just made the mistake of reading a review that someone else had left and it really ticked me off.

For the record, I like Jacob's role in the story so far, and normally I hate him.

I like the game- it seems like fun and I wish we had something like that here to participate in!

I can't wait until you reveal more about Tony and bring him back in- at YOUR pacing and timing.

I love all the trivia we are getting. You know I love my classic rock, but I only know the songs and who sings them- I don't know the trivia and tidbits you're posting. So that is an added bonus in my opinion.

Keep on rockin, baby!

Hold On by Todream
Review by Darkgoddess09
Chapter 29
This. Is. AMAZING.

I don't think anything else I can say really captures how I feel about this story. It isn't even a story. This is an eloquent work of art.

SUPERB. I can't wait for the next update. If it takes too long, I may be forced to jump through the computer and STRANGLE Edward. Usually, I like him okay, even though I'm a die-hard wolf girl, but you have me wanting to punch him in the face!

Nessie-I LOVE her. I've only read one other story about her and Jake's relationship that captures the two as well as you do, and I've read quite a few. Both their characters are incredibly well developed and dynamic here, and the way you write their interactions and thoughts has a great flow.

I'm glad Bella got sober, too, and hopefully she'll find out about all of this blackmailing going on and put her foot down.

Again, awesome, AWESOME job. PLEASE, for the love of GOD, update soon!





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