Friday's Fic Fit 7.30.2010

Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

Post Jack! This week, a Pimp was pwned hardcore and is stealing this post to tell you about a fuckawesome fic that she stumbled across on her own. Your regularly scheduled Friday Fic Fit will return next Friday.

For today’s reading pleasure, Jess would like to rec The Betty Chronicles by Emily Bowden.

Photobucket Summary:

There is an exclusive group known as the Cullens who only allow the most seductive of women into their circle. But their training is not what she thought it would be. Rated MA for lemons & adult content. Cannon couples...eventually...

Twilighted Summary:

I’d been dissatisfied more times than I could count in the past two years, which probably wasn’t a bad thing. Usually, it just meant another long month of disappointment on my part when we realized the new batch of women were no good. We’d found several candidates that fit our needs, but as was often the case, they lacked that certain spark I’d personally been looking for. It didn’t matter, though; I always had a lot of fun deciphering through the rejects.

It wasn’t about promiscuity; it wasn’t about experimentation, although we did plenty of that. Our program was about learning how to find sexual pleasure, adapting to different methods, and finding that one person who chemically and physically matched us to perfection.

Rated NC-17 for graphic lemons, sexual/adult content, and foul language. Canon couples… eventually.

Jess’ official pimping:

I think it’s clear by the time you’ve read the summary that this fic is like nothing you’ve read before. At least, it’s like nothing that I’ve read!

Emily does an amazing job of luring you in without giving anything away. You’d think you’d need to have an understanding of what’s going on to be so pulled in, but that’s not the case at all, as proven by The Betty Chronicles.


“On the table by the door was another glass of champagne and a folded note card addressed to me. I opted to drink first this time, knowing that I'd need the courage once I'd read my instructions. With slightly trembling hands, I reached for my orders and began to read.

Sit in the center of the bed and pleasure yourself. Take your time and bring yourself to orgasm three times. Use whatever you need. The room is yours.”

What is Bella getting herself into?? I’m not sure, but I like it!

In the next chapter, on the other side of a two-way mirror, Edward does too.


“I watched as Isabella's face contorted with her climax; her head was thrown back and her body arched, shifting the covers slightly to reveal her sweaty, enticing body. She panted and writhed as she worked herself into a frenzy again and again, each breathtaking moment erotic and exotic because she was in her own little world, where only the needs of her body dominated.

I watched in an awed silence as she continued well past the three we demanded from her. Only when her needs were sated did she stop and redress.

"She's stays," I said simply, watching as Isabella Swan made her way out of the room.”

Emily delivers some serious hotness… and we haven’t even gotten to a lemon yet! Edward is just as impatient as the rest of us…


“Something about her drew my attention, and I couldn't seem to figure out what that was. She seemed different than the others, like I couldn't really get a lock on who she truly was. She was contradiction in the flesh. Beauty with self-consciousness, prudence that was somehow alluring, and modesty with a spark of sensuality that had me purring inside. I wanted to know what made her tick, and that fascinated frustration she fueled in me only made me want her now. I didn't want to wait until the proper protocols and procedures were completed.

Fuck all that, I wanted silken sheets with sweaty bodies...preferably with her moaning my name at all hours of the night.”

Gah! I love the parallels drawn to canon in this fic that couldn’t be much farther from it.

Nine chapters in (well, eight and the prologue), and the pieces are beginning to fall together, but there are still so many questions left unanswered. This will totally keep me checking my inbox for an alert! I must read the smoldering lemon we’re building up to! I must learn more about the elusive sex-group, The Cullens, and all that their training entails! But mostly, I must find out where I can apply to join in on the hedonism!

Come and read with me so we can find out together!

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The Betty Chronicles on Twilighted

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At July 30, 2010 at 2:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Love! Seriously made my day, and you don't know how bad I needed that. :D

~ E Bowden


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