Hump Your Readers Wednesday 7.28.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

Review by Bella Gattino

Chapter 6
Okay, how-where do I even start?
When I saw the summary of this... I was curious. It sounded just like what I was looking for. I wanted sex. 

Sex between Jacob and ANYONE but Bella would be good.

What I got was great, fantastic, AMAZING even!

To say that I loved it wouldn't be near enough, to say that you have me addicted to it would be putting it lightly.

I love how you used everything from the books in a totally different but similar pattern.

Jacob is PERFECT, that is how I see him in my mind. I don't see him as an 18 year old kid... he's always older to me. Perhaps it's my way of protecting myself from feeling like a cradle robber. (grins)

Anyway I'm rambling and I'm sorry for that but I wanted you to know that I absolutely loved the story, I'm waiting anxiously for the newest chapter and I just wan't wait to see what happens next.


Review by mscope

Chapter 4
How in the hell does this story have so few reviews? This is without a doubt one of the best teen stories I have read.

Okay so now I forgot everything I was going to say. Need to focus! Let's see. First James. He is so drawn to Bella. I don't understand what could have gone so horribly wrong for them? He seems drawn to her vulnerability and have feelings for her he never thought possible. It is like he is able to be himself when he is with her and not have to put on errors or live up to someone else's standards. We know he is there a week (?) earlier than everyone else so my guess is that once his friends arrive he will be back to the old bro's before ho's mentality. And the shame is he is going to throw it all away. Another thought that came to me ... You know there is nothing that says they had to have sex. What if the bro's assume as much and James does not correct them. Don't you know that would piss any girl off, so why would Bella be any different? 

Bella's showing up at his school is really doing a number on him as evidenced by his recurring Rolling Stone moments of Satisfaction. There is the part of me that feels bad for him and his image ... NOT. The reader has to love Bella with her strength and tell it like it is demeanor. Loved the way she handled him in Physics. I get the feeling he is resigned to the fact that he really blew it. Does he have a prayer in hell in getting her back.

I am also looking at the Jasper/Bella dynamic. You are writing it pretty low key but I can't help but wonder where that will go. And then of course there is the Emmett/Bella dynamic. So far that has stayed pretty platonic and I hope with that is in me that it will remain like that. I can't help but feel there will come the time that Bella is going to really need the "big brother" she can turn to. Ah, maybe I have just read too much fan fiction, lol.

I haven't said much about the girls and quite frankly I don't have much of a grasp on them although a couple of them do stand out. First is Angela. We haven't seen much of her and all that we have really heard is that she is Edward's girlfriend. We don't know much about that relationship and the thought has crossed my mind that it is only for looks *shrugs shoulders*, a mutual agreement of sorts. I hope that she and Bella are going to form a friendship and we will get more perspective.

Tanya on the other hand has my attention because of her relationship with Edward. She openly seeks his companionship and although we were told the ground rules for sharing in the beginning I don't think she wants to share. And as easy as it has been to sneer at her in the first chapters I find my tune has changed a little after her conversation with her mama. What is it with these men of the rich and infamous? Don't you know that Tanya has to be hurt that this is all she gets and yet she puts out and takes what she can get in hopes of more. I can't help but feel bad for her. On the other hand if it were to come down to her and Bella, well all I can say is the bitch better move out the way. Then I scoff at my own double standard. 

I have saved Edward for the last. Yeah that man child holds a piece of heart no matter what his age. Don't you know that Bella has his full attention. Having her in his home has to be hard on him, no pun intended. They are going to develop a relationship whether they want one or not. The question is what will it consist of? I could go on and on here but instead I will leave after two more thoughts. 

1. What is the Swan/Cullen connection that brought Bella to Edward's house in the first place.
2. Is Edward the friend that James talked about with the older brother?

And with that I leave you. I believe you may have a chapter to write, after real life committments of course. And I have a story to pimp.


All That Jazz by javamomma0921

chap. 5
That was phenomenal. I can tell that you did your work for this. The contrast between characters is so brilliantly done. The truth to the time period is really refreshing. It doesn't feel like your knowledge came from some slapshot Hollywood movie, although Chicago is a fantastic movie lol. I really cannot wait for more of this. It's totally my favourite story now and I really think that if you changed the names of the characters you could get this published to a real book. For shizzle. 

And I really like that Edward gets his parents in this one. It's always nice to see that he gets his family like it should be.

Review by Jadalulu

Chapter 5
Okay so this chapter kinda highlights what I love about your writing. Their chemistry is so awesome. You keep it understated enough that it's realistic. You douse it with enough humor and awkwardness that it doesn't feel rushed. And, uh, HELLO UST! Can I get an Amen? Haha! "Youth these days..." Their digs at each other about age are hysterical! And Bella? I LOVE this version of her. She has her own share of drama but she's a scrappy little thing. I hate whiney, spineless Bellas so I'm so glad I found this. And vulnerable Edward? THANK YOU! I've been begging anyone and everyone to rec me some more good ones. The Unaccompanied Soul, The Vampire in the Basement, etc. Those are really good but I need more. I'm your fic's bitch. Thought you should know. P.S.-Eddie's a lucky little fucker for getting to tag along!



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