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What the Dead Know by DazzledbyJake
Review by dkgors
Chapter 8
It's so fun to go back and reread the chapters here on Twilighted. I'm not in such a hurry to see what's next that I can slow down and really appreciate your writing. Damn, you are just really good. So descriptive, you paint the scenes so vividly, I feel like I’m there with them.

This example: “Gulping down the lump of fear lodged in my throat, I coiled my fingers around the passenger side door handle of the old red pickup. As I guardedly cracked it open, I could sense the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. My wide eyes soon transfixed on the cause of Ness' fainting spell, and I released a pronounced gasp, gripping my chin in horror.
The murder weapon, the wooden board I'd used to murder James Volturi, lay on the seat in clear view."

I was holding my breath the whole time I was reading this. Here’s something funny…while I was reading this I actually thought in my mind WTF? And then Jake said it right after I thought it. lol

Now I have a question. How in the world did they get the murder weapon? Didn’t Jake throw it over the cliff with the body? And if they found the weapon did they find James’ body too?

Paper Heart by Hezpixie
Review by bendingmirrors
Chapter 4
I love the way you are laying the foundations for their ruin and intermingling them with the intense desire and love they have for each other. Bella's subverting her own career and needs to put Edward and his creativity first is definitely the start of some very bad things for their relationship. It's so sad to see her trying so hard to meet his needs at the expense of herself, things that will make her angry, bitter, and resentful later on. You can definitely see how this couple can go from so madly in love with each other to the passionate ending we saw in the first chapter.

Losing the baby is heartbreaking, and I'm sure that this is not going to help an already shaky relationship. Edward is already fairly absent from their marriage, so its going to be interesting to see how this will drive a further wedge in between them. Great job!

Paper Heart by Hezpixie
Review by jkane180
Hez - Answer me true, do you or do you not have a direct connection to the strings of my heart that hurt the most when pulled? I can't hate you for it though. How could I? It's so amazing! Everything has the perfect feel of these sad, sad memories but everything is faded like an old photograph... the pain isn't fresh and excruciating anymore, but it's still there... and now it's mixed with all this nostalgia... nostalgic pain... You know? Of course you do. You wrote this.

I swear that my reviews normally make a lot more sense than this. I don't think I've ever read a fic that touched me so personally as this one.

In thinking/talking about this fic I realized that it brings out a lot of the same emotions as Romeo and Juliet (which you must know already but I'm saying it anyway). It's a joy to watch them fall in love and everything, even though you know you can't change the future and that it's going to end so badly. And even if you COULD change the ending, would you REALLY want to? Because to change the ending would be to change it all.

I had planned to google "The Last Five Years" after I'd finished reading the available chapters but I think I wanna wait until the fic is completed. I want this to stand on its own and then hear the music that inspired it and have it all bring me right back to this. So, I think, instead, I'm gonna reread.

Paper Heart by Hezpixie
Review by jarkin33
This story is incredible.. I love the idea of working forward from EPOV and backward from BPOV .. yes we know the outcome and I'm so sad because of it, but we see the differences from the beginning to the end. The biggest one being ch 3 to ch 4 (granted I'm only on 4) but in 3 he doesn't say no to anyone he's more invested in his career and the obligations he has because of it, where in ch 4 he even states that he has his priorities straight and he skips phone calls to be with her and she's so incredibly important to him.

Lambcullen suggested this to me and I told her it made me kinda want to slit my wrist because I know how it ends but I just can't pull myself away from it.

In my head I'm thinking that they end up working things out ... just to make myself feel better... hahahahaha

I kid - well... maybe just a little. AND GOD The letter he leaves her ... HEART CRACKED IN HALF! I've never wanted to physically hit a character... well, that's probably not true either, but I did when he came to only spend an hour with her on her birthday..gah.

ok.. anyway .. I love it and I look forward to your updates... seriously.


Paper Heart by Hezpixie
Review by quothme
The transition of chapter 2 to this one is lovely-cutting from a scene of Edward sitting down to write, inspired by Bella, to the idea of Edward blazing a trail across the literary world. Yeah, I think I'm really going to enjoy this jumping around in time bit.

Oh wow. Just got to the end here. Wonderful chapter. There are so many elements to the set-up you have here that are just pure win. The idea of Bella meeting and marrying Edward before he's famous...that's always appealing. And then the conflict about Edward being famous...that's exactly how it would be. It wouldn't be all roses and kisses with someone who is in as high a demand as your Edward seems to be. And the person in the relationship who does not have as much earning power (your Bella), they feel unimportant, neglected. That's so spot-on.

Methinks Edward has gotten everything he thought he wanted (in terms of his literary career), but his achievements in that area are going to adversely impact his private life. Well, obviously. You've kinda already showed us that by beginning with the end. But still, it's a very nice reminder that fame and success really aren't all they're cracked up to be, are they? :)

So Much by Meg23287
Review by Min Gaudion
Chapter 5
Some of the characters personalities are quite unique to this story, and I am enjoying them immensely! I don't know if this is the right word but if fits the description I have of Bella in my head; she has a little bit of sass. She has her moments of self-doubt, but mostly she seems perky and I love her witty, no-holds-barred retorts. Lke to Angela for example. And can I just say at this point, your Angela is awesome! And I don't think (pretty damn sure though) I've ever read a fic where Emmett and Rose haven't just been together from the get-go. So I am loving getting to see them get their stuff together!

Loved the part when they rocked up at school together... ""I knew it, I freaking knew it!"" Alice squealed... ""Alice I believe you know my girlfriend Bella."" I couldn't help the goofy-ass grin that spread across my face. He was such a corn-ball... ""...But Bella really just because you got the guy doesn't mean you stop trying. What the hell did you do to your hair?"" Thought this was great!

Can't wait to see what Edward has planned for their day together! ;)

Thank you for updating :)

(Thank you too for the teaser :D Sorry it's taken me so long to read and review, this bronchitis is zapping my energy and giving me a good swift kick in the ass!)

Gravity by UnintendedFrenzy
chapter 15
So, after weeks and weeks of waiting you leave us with a fucking cliffie? Seriously? Have you lost your ever lovin mind? Wait, you never had it did you? Anyway, I was tickled pink when my email showed that you updated and I went straight to reading. You totally did not disappoint. Okay, so here is my favorite line from the whole chapter, ready? He could make a dirty garbage bag look lickable. For some reason out of everything you wrote that stuck out to me. Because if we are being real here, hell yes he could! Well, I will wait as patiently as I can for you to update again. I know this busy busy thing called life keeps you occupied but God I pray that you can update real real soon. I don't like my precious Edward in panic mode. Oh and the carrying her over his shoulder to the plane, Priceless!

Becoming Bella Swan by Bellaflan
Review by UnintendedFrenzy
Chapter 49
Well this is fitting...Happy Hump Day. LMAO! I hump everything all the time. I turned 32 and really thats all I want to ok TMI? naa didn't think so. Wow mama sita so much has changed...I can not wait to read the next two chapters. I will miss BBS when it is finished...however, I love your new story so it's kinda like getting a replacment know after your favorite one dies and shit...I think you are amazingly brilliant and still the one liner queen. So my fav part was the opening scene. Bella hanging from the shower rod...are you kidding me? I laughed so classic you toss in an old school vamp move. I loved it as always. Hope you get your buzzzz on from my last two reviews. TTFN

Becoming Bella Swan by Bellaflan
Review by Snowyhedwig
Chapter 49
I adore you. Between the outtake, Stigmata Tomato and this new chapter, it feels like Christmas. And I have to tell you, Bella hanging from the shower curtain rod?  Damn well just about made me pee myself, darlin'!

I'm glad it's not over quite yet. I'd be rather put out if you didn't continue on from that cliffy, believe me. And... Ummm... Yeah, if you wanna hump me, I wouldn't say no..  ;)

Rising Star by Marcelo Ferreira da Costa
Chapter 6
MADE time to review, darnit! :)

Okay, YAY, I have been waiting for this chapter!

I love that Gabriel is keeping his promise to Alice to not read everyone's minds...I think I would have promised not to but would have done it anyways. LOL.

Holy crap! It's crazy that Carlisle knew Gabriel's mother! It's a nice little coincidence, because it affords them the trust that they needed immediately.

I adored the description of Carlisle's meeting with Gabriel's mother. Especially the vampire traits from the memory.

HAHA of COURSE Gabriel figures out that the Cullens are vampires because of Jacob. BAD, Jacob! LOL

Thank goodness Jacob has Nessie, who unexpectedly saves the day. I wonder what would have happened had she not showed up and calmed Gabriel down?

Awww, I am glad that Gabriel feels comfortable with the other ""freaks"". LOL

The banter between all of the characters feels very genuine, and not forced at all.

And then he finds out that Leah is a shape-shifter! Not only that, but he gets some details about Leah's shifty past with Sam. How interesting! I think that Gabriel handles the entire situation quite well :)

""Great movie script you have here""-hahah! I laughed at this! he sees his parents. Very cool! Very cool the information that they pass along to him for Edward and Alice :)

""I was wrong; I hadn't found a place full of freaks. I had found hope for me."" -I loved this part! So perfect. Such a wonderful way to end such a fun chapter.

Another great chapter! Thank you so much for sharing it with us...I can't wait until the next one!

Review by CrookedSmile
Chapter 2
You… killed…The…Vanquish. Damn it woman. How could you? :) I feel it for Cullen. She was his baby and we *cough* he didn’t even get a backseat fuck. So fucking sad man. So fucking sad.  But that moment. The background music started playing in my head. I was like “oooh people, you are so dead.” I loved the action in DfH and will surely enjoy it now too. Annnnnd, the chapter. Was. Perfect. Gave me everything I wait from a dick *cough* The Dick. From the Dick. And I’m loving The Swan waaaaay to much. The way she handles Cullen is epic. But Cullen’s cocked eyebrows are always win. Without any exceptions.

. Hey, I can speak the language of love as good as the next guy. As long as the next guy doesn't speak it very well, that is.

-          This was… God. *shakes.head.smiling* I’ll never know where the hell you find those words from but you are always coming up with something new and it’s very refreshing. Especially when you read fanfiction in a fandom where people read and write like crazy, sometimes repetitions are inevitable. Apparently, not with you. You have consistency within your characters but not repetition between your stories. Which is a god damn hard balance to set. I’m saying this as reader who read all of your stories. (Is there anything I haven’t read yet? Maybe one or two collaborations. I need to check this.) I’m enjoying this very much.

. Swan's eyes narrowed…a little, then she asked, nodding at me, ""You sure you don't wanna talk about it?"" Seriously. Did she not know the answer to that question by now?

-          See. Consistency. The very dickish attitude is always killing me. In a very pleasurable way.

. Then I bent over him, sucked in a breath of air through my teeth and said, ""That's uh…probably gonna leave a mark…"" I pointed at his head.

-          I remember saying this once before… The sounds are very rarely being used in stories. You do it often and I love it. It’s huge turn on and I’m glad you give it to us. What? The guy hisses at someone whose skull is probably opened up on the pavament… and I’m talking about getting turn on. Yeah. So what?

. ""Well, thanks again, sorry for your trouble…Mr…"" she trailed off and I told her, against my better judgment, ""Cullen, Edward Cullen and…"" Because I just couldn't fucking help myself, I added, ""I don't mind a reasonable amount of trouble,"" all Sam Spade like from The Maltese Falcon with Humphrey playin' the man.

-          I was giggling the whole time. He can be clueless sometimes. He couldn’t read his woman on the spot. C’mon Cullen. Admit it. You fucked that up. If it was the Swan who doesn't mind a reasonable amount of trouble, you would most probably give her a unreasonable amount of trouble. :)

. In the elevator that I nearly missed because Swan pushed the close door button on my ass, I leaned against the back wall and waited.

-          God, how I love this woman. :)

. You really just can't win, especially if your last name starts with ""C"" and ends with ""Ullen.""

-          HTHYCUWTS. I’ll never know. (HTHYCUWTS; how the hell you come up with this shit ;) )

. When I started hearin' a mumble here and a huff there I finally said, ""If you have something to fuckin' say, Swan, just say it."" She turned to me, narrowed eyes galore and asked, all per-fucking-snickety and what not, ""What was that, anyway?"" ""What?"" ""I don't mind a reasonable amount of trouble,"" she said and it was hard not to fucking laugh at her ass. What? I didn't, I swallowed that shit down. I'm just sayin'… Now mind you, she didn't just say that shit, she did that man voice that women like to do when they're impersonating us but it doesn't really fucking sound like us, it just highlights exactly how pissed off they are with us. The problem was, I was having a really hard goddamn time figuring out what Swan was pissed at. ""It was funny,"" I told her, smiling.

-          That’s my favorite part of the chapter. See. He has no idea. He said “it was funny” and smiled. Oh God. If at the end of the chapter, his Vanquish didn’t die, The Swan would probably give him the hell but now, I think she’ll show some mercy. Not that this shit doesn’t deserve the hell. reasonable amount of trouble… *shakes.head* p.s. (This… Oh. I’ll explain it later but I would never ever tell him “ohh, forget it.” I get pissed easily at such situations. Yeah, jealous. What?

. Emmett gave me the deer in the headlights look and Swan, well…her face morphed into one of her infamous I can't believe you just said that shit looks. What?

-          I’m living for these whats.

. ""Yo."" ""Jazz, it's Cullen."" Silence.

-          The most funny part of the chapter. You Jasper in DfH and TDiM is very unique and I love him in unique (but very appropriate) ways. This silence told so much. :)

. ""Okay you knew that…but look, I need you to pull somethin' up for me."" Swan giggling…lots and lots of Swan giggling. I eyeballed her while I waited for Jazz to get downstairs to his den of technology.

-          *giggle.snort*

. The Lieutenant threw her one of his chipped tooth, bad breath smelling smiles but for me? Nothin'.  ""What's goin' down, Muldoon? I mean, besides all your lackies on your kiddie sized mc dick, that is.""

-          *whispers* the thing is… I’m seeing Jensen in certain scenes now. Like this dickish attitude. *shameful.face* Sorry.

. I looked over at Emmett who was now throwing his police jacket on but somehow also managed to glare at my ass at the same time.

-          Em! Love youuuuu.  What. I mean. I just. Though. It would be okay to say it again. When it’s… you know. Whatever.

. ""Fuck you, Cullen."" I shook my head at him. ""I don't fucking swing that way, Muldoon"" I said, winking at him. ""Besides…I'm a one woman man these days.""

-          *giggle.snort*

. … we aren't gonna solve anything for find any fuckheads when one of us is in jail for fucking manslaughter…"" She eyed me. ""Or…murder one in your case.""

-          I love this. This turns. This word games. Very much so.

. As we walked out of the precinct and began saying our goodbyes to Em, I turned and pushed the unlock button on the Vanquish from the steps. And a bomb went off.

-          Damn. I loved that car. You know. She was kinda hot. What?

. Then I saw what exploded. ""Mother of…"" ""Oh, man…Eddy…"" ""You've gotta be fucking kidding me.""

-          Ok, I need to admit that I giggled here a little. In spite of all my pain. ‘Cause that shit was funny. Then I saw what exploded. LMAO.

. …They clearly had a death wish, because aside from fucking with my family, blowing up my car was just about the best goddamn way to get your fucking ass kicked. Or a bullet in your head. Either, or.

-          I smell action. And fucking love the anticipation.

.Jo… Jo Jo…FL95 Jo. You are a goddamn genius and I love you woman.

Review by Jennmc75
Chapter 2
OMG!  I shed a tear for the death of the Vanquish.  That was some hard shit to read.

I knew that airline was mixed up with Arrow Shipping.  Didn't I say they were part of a slave ring when we were learning about Seth in the first story?  I want to say Aro had James take Eleazar's daughter as leverage or insurance.  And of course the airline's involvment in illegal activities would be the main reason they didn't go to the cops.  I'm just wondering if James has any clue the fuckery he just unleashed from Edward by blowing up his baby.  I'm thinking that would be a very loud Fuck No!  I don't think even James is stupid enough to knowingly push Edward's buttons like that.

Where the fuck is my love child plot?  Someone somewhere has a love child and damnit I want to know who!

Losing Control by StupidLeeches
Review by bubbles4alice
Chapter 17
omg omg omG oMG OMG

lmao that was soooooooo good

i was like spazzing through the whole thing

it just gets better and better lol

lovely job (as usual)

cant wait for the next chapter!

Losing Control by StupidLeeches
Review by angel27eyes
Chapter 17
Can I beat him over the head with a baseball bat...(you know, since smacking him upside the head won't do any good? Bella broke her hand on Jake...and it didn't phase him...) Just COME OUT WITH IT ALREADY! He loves her and SHE is his imprintee...just tell her! have great amazing fan-flipping-tastic sex and and and and and...sigh...okay obviously I loved the chapter...I just wish he would suck it up already...but then that's the point of the story so I'll hush...

Losing Control by StupidLeeches
Review by LaPushWolf

Chapter 17
I L.O.V.E.D Lilah's reaction to Embry's howling (the second time around) I bet he has one sexy ass howl. Plus he gave her a nickname! I love it! Its so cute. I love me some badass Embry, but sweet nick naming, friendship ring wearing Embry is awesome too! (The boy can't wrong) He is being an awfully bad little secret keeper though...naughty little wolf. I look forward to Lilah/Embry running exhibitions ( Alone in the woods both of them all hot and bothered) Can't wait for more!

Review by CullenFever
Chapter 23

   Lots of info in this chappie, is Tanya giving hints to Edward ?

   Tanya being abused when she was younger threw me for a loop, wasn't expecting that!

   Will Edward try and make amends with Felix?

   What will he tell Bella?

   What will happen when Nicolai/James finds out about the two of them?


   Bloody well done (again).

   Till next time  x x

Parachute by KitsuShel
Chapter 9
Veruca, eh?  I can do that.  *whine, whine, complain - burst into song*

I want the story
I want the whole story
I want to lock it all up in my pocket
It`s my bar of chocolate
Give it to me


I want a chapter today
I want another tomorrow
I want to read `em so pick up your speed,
'Cause I want you to share `em

I want the works
I want the whole thing
Full of Presents and prizes, sweets and surprises
Of all shapes and sizes
Need it now
Don`t care how
I want it now
Don`t care how
I want it now

*smirks and takes bow*  *Rolls eyes and huffs*  No doubt you wish to give me some excuse about real life and the importance of spending time with your family.  Blah, blah, blah.  As if!  Like you need time to eat and sleep and take care of 'human moments'.  Please.  *stomps foot and shouts command* Somebody chain her to the table with her computer and don't let her up until
the story is completed to reader satisfaction!  *Smirks as people start scurrying to look for chains.  *Shakes finger and lectures*  No breaks! Nothing in real life could possibly be more important than writing and publishing a fictional story for free to be read and critiqued by total
strangers.  As if a six year old first born son could possibly compete with that!  Really, isn't that what why they invented Spongebob Squarepants - free babysitting?  I'm sure he'll be just fine watching mindless cartoons for six hours a day while you're typing.  Don't worry about him.  Your anonymous readers are what's really important - much more so than your own flesh and blood.
*takes deep breath and relaxes, dropping Veruca persona*

There!  Was that Veruca enough for you?  Seriously, I'm a mother of four children, ranging in age from 5 to 11, so I'm honestly just teasing you tongue in cheek.  I know we're lucky you give consistent updates.  It's just hard as a reader when you're really into a story to wait for the next installment, as I'm sure you're well aware.  So we just want you to know how much we value
your work and wish you had more time to spend writing so we could spend more time reading it.  Rather than what we're supposed to be doing, of course.
*grin*  Keep up the good work.  I'm really looking forward to Friday's chapter.  It's the one I've been waiting for since you first published the prologue.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by CereuleanBlue
Review by TWIce as nice
Chapter 21
I found your story on a Twilight Fanfiction Awards site. To be honest, I don't remember which one. I've been perusing so many lately trying to find new stories to read. I've already read so many Twilight fanfictions, that my options are severely dwindling!

So when I found your story, I decided to give it a go. And am I ever glad that I did! In fact, I got so into it that I haven't taken the time to comment until now! I just couldn't stop reading!

I have to admit that, at first, I thought it was just another ""retelling"" of the original story (you know, human Bella meets vampire Edward, they fall in love, blah, blah, blah). But noooooo...

You had to go and throw in there that she's a ""vampire hunter""! What a freaking awesome twist! For the first time - that I can recall in any fic! - BELLA is the one with the upper-hand. That's so coooool!

From reading your A/N's at the beginning and end of the chapters, I've come to the realization that you don't believe your story is as good as it really is. In fact, I remember reading one A/N where you mentioned that you almost gave up on writing this story...! WHAT?

Oh gosh! Don't do THAT!

I can tell, just from reading your work, that you're very passionate about writing - it shows in what and how you write. And I think that if you gave up on this story, it would forever haunt you. Don't get me wrong, I'm a reader; therefore, first and foremost, I want to know how this story ends! But, I really do think that you'll kick yourself if you never finish. I know that if I were in your shoes, I'd do that to myself. As it is, I'm a complete chicken shit and haven't had the guts to post anything on ff yet. But I can feel it coming and one of these days I'll actually find the guts to do it!

On that note, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story with us! I admire you, from the bottom of my heart! Good luck in all of your endeavors!

Review by EnamoredHeart
Ch 1
(Truthfully, all of EnamoredHeart's reviews are detailed and thoughtful... here is just one):

Dear Ale! First of all, I had no idea what you meant with the title of this chapter, but her Sioux name being Sleeps with a Vampire totally makes sense!

Great title for the second story in the series! I'm giggling right now, because of the ending of this chapter. However I shall try to be coherent.

So, I'm really in love with those vampire bites...Yummy!

And his family is absolutely charming, all except Rosalie of course.

And now Tanya? Don't tell me this is where he tells Bella about the threesomes...Ugh!

P.S. I'm really worried about James, although Alice hasn't seen anything about him yet.

Glad I'm continuing with your stories. This just feels right!

Back to You by Confettirainfall
Review by Jennmc75
Chapter 3 Let's Talk, Shall We?
I absolutely loved Edward's inner voice.  That makes total sense.  He really hasn't grown up relationship-wise so I can totally see his inner voice being a horny teenage boy.

It's gotta kill both of them to realize that if they'd only talked to each other honestly fourteen years ago all of this could've been avoided.  Of course there seems to be a lot more that they need to discuss.

I'm curious to know if Rose really didn't like Bella back in high school and wanted Edward and her apart or if she really was just joking around with him.

LOL, busted by the little one.  What an evil place to leave us.

Back to You by Confettirainfall
Review by Jennmc75
Chapter 2
On Shaky Ground
They are both breaking my heart right now.  Seeing how Edward lived his life after the breakup until current time was so sad.  I want to hug Rose for fighting for her brother but want to slap her at the same time for pushing him toward relationships he can't really commit to.

Why do I get a bad feeling that Rose will use Sam being there against Edward with Bella.  I just have this bad feeling about that whole situation.

Beauty Killed the Beast by Confettirainfall
Review by Caius09
A One-Shot
Epic! You had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Good on her to have ended it herself. A fitting ending for the rabid mutt. This story is worthy of winning first place.

Back to You by Confettirainfall
Review by TwilightCakes
Chapter 1 Against All Odds
Wow!  What a kickass first chapter!  Love your Rosalie by the way...I love Rose and
her 'canon' character, but this human version of her is great.  That said, I don't read a lot of Human fics, but I am really enjoying this one so far.  

Hot lemon!  Yikes!  I like the idea that they're re-kindling something from high school, that's so romantic and dreamy *sigh*

Beauty Killed the Beast by Confettirainfall
Review by TwilightCakes
A One-Shot
This was so good!  I'm a 'team both' girl who leans towards wolves, but I still enjoyed this fic.  I know you warned me cuz you were unsure about the ending, but I did really like it.  I'm glad it won the contest!  Kudos! : )

Back to You by Confettirainfall
Review by Ivy
Chapter 3 Let's Talk, Shall We?
Kelley I am glad Bella and Edward didn't miss each other and that they got some of the past out in the open. I think Bella's abandonment issues aren't going to be conquered that easily. I love all of Edward's remarks in his head. Too funny! Wonder what they are going to tell James. Can't wait for the next chapter bb! Loves! ~emmie

The Writing on The Wall by TwiCharmed
Chapter 5
They love each other, and Bella had a yummy, orgasmic dry hump session with Jasper, followed by more yummy foreplay--lucky girl!
Oh man, poor, sweet Bella to have experienced such a horrible childhood when living with her drug addict mother; especially since her mother used sex as a means of income, or way to gain drugs; thus resulting in Bella gaining a unhealthy view of the sexual act between men and women.  It is no wonder that Bella freaks out in intimate situations with previous boyfriends, and now Jasper too.
It is good, in a way, that she is still a virgin because it will make her first time with Jasper all that more special, especially with them being mates, you know?
Great chapter and great story too; VERY well written--keep up the good work!
I'm looking forward to reading additional chapters.
Um, this story hasn't been updated since April 25, 2010; it hasn't been abandoned, has it?
PLEASE, PLEASe, PLEAse, PLEase, PLease, Please, please don't let this story be abandoned.



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