Hump Your Readers Wednesday 7.1.2010

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Episode by BoydBlog
Review by lisamichelle17
Chapter 14
First, I have to thank you for writing and continuing this story. I enjoyed this chapter so much. A few of my thoughts:

1) I may be off but in this chapter it was the first that Edward admitted that he is in love with Bella. I could truly feel the need of Edward driving to meet with Bella. I loved that he wanted to kiss her and how he was planning on kissing her. When Edward saw Bella at the bar, I sense that he was disappointed that Bella wasn't focused on him but the joy that he felt when Bella said she was out of her writers block was awesome. It meant the world to him that Bella said that she was going to dedicate the story to him.

2) I love that Edward is being more touchy with him again. I love that he is physical with her. The "cougars" definitely wanted to have sex with Edward but the big difference between them and Bella is so obvious. Edward does not want a fling. He wants to be in a relationship, with Bella, to be more exact. I actually understand why Edward told the cougars that Bella is a journalism. He is trying to protect her from the lime light. The kiss on the cheek he gave to Bella was perfect. I loved that both Edward and Bella feel the same spark when they touch each other.

3) I absolutely loved Bella's point of view as well. I loved how she read when the cougars were hitting on Edward. In her eyes it made total sense to me. Edward and Bella are not on the same page at the moment. The timing between them seems off, right now. We know that Edward wants to be more than friends and I am ecstatic that Edward seems to be totally willing to be more than friends while the contract has not been signed, yet. I also loved that both Edward and Bella could not fall asleep after they said goodbye to each other. I have a sneaking suspicion that when they sleep (not sexually) together that they will sleep like babies. I also loved that Edward masturbated to visions of Bella. I loved that he planned on having Bella come up to his suite. I wonder how hard it's going to be for him to not resist him. I wonder if their timing is going to be off, again.

The UST they have is incredibly intense. Thank you, again, for the update. I am excited to see where everything plays. I have to admit that I am also curious how Edward is going to react going to the cabin for almost a week.

Episode by BoydBlog
Review by Beth1685
Chapter 12
You asked what we thought of "Drunkward" and I have one word to sum it up: refreshing. I am so tired of reading stories about Bella getting drunk, and making an ass of herself (i.e. throwing herself at Edward, crying and spilling her emotional baggage out, etc.) that this was such a nice change. "Drunkward" was believable, to me at least, because it wasn't too over the top, and was grounded in Bella's point of view (her distress at how to define what she and Edward have and be ok with it).

I really enjoy your story a lot. The writing is terrific-you've illustrated the undeniable chemistry that simmers between Edward and Bella perfectly, which quite honestly, leaps off the page (or rather, the computer screen in this case) without being cliche. I find myself utterly fasinated by these two talented, creative creatures, and heartbroken for Bella and the humilation she must have suffered in her past. I quite like the scenes you've included from her past, and would honestly like to know more about Tanya and the lasting bruised imprint she's left on Edward. Does he ever have to interact with her, as they travel in the same circles? How did she use him so badly that it now makes Edward so wary of approaching Bella (in the romantic sense)?

I'm also glad that this story doesn't make Bella out to be a victim, nor does she spend time wallowing-she's suffered heartbreak and you show how she is trying to come to terms with how to reconcile this "new" Bella from the old, crush-obessessed Bella. The struggle she faces with Edward is very real (and vice versa) and one can't help but understand how she questions everything about her interaction with him. I think that is what particularly great about this story-Bella is a real girl. She's not a Mary-Sue, perfect in every way- she gets upset, is moody, happy, creative, etc.-and it makes her such a likeable character. Too often, Bella is relugated to being whiny and self-absorbed-though writers *tell* us she is selfless, and her friends shout at other characters how "selfless an angel" she is, we never see that selflessness in action. Here, we are *shown* how thoughtful she can be, like researching and finding a venue to take Edward to so that he can enjoy playing his music.

I'm dying to learn more about Edward though (like the Tanya thing), because I feel that we haven't gotten a real taste of what he is like-we've gotten snippets, but it would be great to see more. He hasn't talked to Alice, who seems to be a big part of his make-up. She is his twin, and they've influenced each other a lot growing up, so it would be interesting to see them interact. I hope that your Alice will be proactive and take matters into her own hands to get in touch with Edward, but I will have to wait and see I guess.

Overall, great story. I look forward to Alice visiting (?), and maybe Charlie too. There's something there, between father and daughter, that really intrigued me from that phone call. It would be great to see more Rose and Emmett (well, more Emmett, if I'm honest, he's one of my favorite characters) and Jasper. Heck, get the whole gang together and toss in Esme and Carlisle (did I butcher the spelling of his name?) too. Please update whenever you can, I would love to read more!

Secrets and Revelations by Confettirainfall
Review by Caius09
Chapter 11
What a great tale you've woven thus far. I like the idea that Edward met her as a child which runs along the lines of "she was born and made for me". Though Alice was the one to watch over her future, it would have been nice if Edward had used those years to get accustomed to her and her scent rather than being the emo Edward that he is. In some cases his emoness seems even worse than it was in the first two books. I do like that he responds physically more to her in your story. That ought to make for interesting times. The incident with Tanya and her convoluted thinking was a huge surprise. I can't remember whether the family ever told Edward what her intention was. I'm also enjoying the fact that you've woven events reminiscent of Twilight and New Moon into your tale rather effortlessly. Can't wait to see how you'll proceed with this. I'm definitely adding this to my favs. Looking forward to the next installment.

Angel Eyes by Rae
Review by twimom143
Chapter 17
I love that you can paint a picture with so many colors and yet manage to blend everything into one solid scene! You are amazing!

Angel Eyes by Rae
Review by Monique2401
Chapter 17
In fics, I always find myself falling in love with Edward, like basically every other reader in the fandom... but your Blindella, just wow, I absolutely love her. She is just such a admirable character. The strength, what she goes through in everyday life. I'm in awe of her, totally and completely.

I seriously just want to put her in my pocket and keep her safe.

Edward in the beginning was just so confused. I felt so sorry for him because all of a sudden his girlfriend stops talking to him for a few days and he isn't even aware of his he has done or hasn't done.

"I'm in love with you, Bella." In the lyrics of Usher... Oh. My. Gosh. :)

So cute that they are napping together. I think we all know that these two deserve a good rest from being sleep deprvied for a few days.

Okies, I'mma go babble some more on the AE thread, hehe.

Angel Eyes by Rae
Review by sweetowl
Chapter 17
And I love you for this heart touching chapter. I love your version of their love. She 's so sensitive.

Angel Eyes by Rae
Review by Maria2906
Chapter 17
yay! I absolutely love this chapter! They're finally starting to talk more honestly and openly about their fears and their insecurities! This is the only way they'll make their relationship work, if they trust in each other and in their feelings! They are so beautiful ppl, inside and out, they just need to keep their faith and love intact! Communication will do that, like it did its miracles in this chapter! So cute!

Review by NY13
Lesson Number 2
she makes me laugh - every review with her fuckery of movie references and real life examples of what I've written...lurve!

"oi, that was way harsh, like when Tai told Cher in Clueless, "You're just a virgin who can't drive."

Review by Ivy Kelley
Chapter 5
I love this chapter because of Edward's further attachment to Bella. I love reading his mind. I also forgot to mention in other chapters how well you make Bella's POV more childlike and Edward's POV more serious and deep. You also captured that Bella is wise beyond her years and I love it. Well, on to the next chapter!

Review by VeneziaSCA
[edited for spoilers]

1. . . . God that's the best and most unexpected twist in the story you could have thought of! God and to think that . . . ! And amazing! And the best cliffhanger ever!

2. I BOW TO YOUR GLORY! This was by far the most intense, ironic, twisting chapter ever! You handled the Jacob thing amazingly! But I would prefer it if he didn't manipulate Bella like that. That's the impression I caught anyway. Nice move from Edward to not react like a jerk to him. Let's not let him fall to the mutt's games. He is better than that.

3. You would have thought that Bella has a second personality! I really enjoyed the fit she threw at Edward!XD And Edward is ever the sweet man we
love and adore!And what was that in the car? I almost fainted! . . . Hilarious! XD

4. We are at last at Edward's home! Wow! The story is at a very pivotal point
huh? I guess you are anxious.

Just so you first word when I finished the chapter was a can choose from the variety...XD

I knew you were evil but this is just perfect! Waiting for the next chapter!

P.S. Even if he is needy bastard all girls love him! You know who...;)

A La Carte by snshyne
Chapter 1
I always find it weird to read threesomes, specially Girl/Girl/Boy, but not so much Boy/Boy/Girl ;) But this is quite interesting, more like to show that in the end, Bella really didn't need a third party in her bed instead of a "hey,
let's invite Alice" kind of fic.

Love how he is with her, the love and adoration present at every moment, he even did a serie of her alone...*sighs* too sweet.

A La Carte by snshyne
Review by cevuplay
Chapter 1
This was fantastic. And my name as the agent? Woohoooo!


I loved the depth you created in this one shot. It was amazing how you captured every emotion in subtle ways througout the story.

Well done, love.

A La Carte by snshyne
Review by alterite
Chapter 1
If it's what your 'twisted mind' comes up with, I like it :) I know you said it's complete but would you consider an EPOV? That should be quite interesting... I read public relations and I like it too! Thanks for your stories! xx

Review by KayPR
Chapter 38
Peter didn't deserve a funeral. he shouldn't be remembered. some people say they want to die doing what the love and peter got it, thankfully no more beating. Jasper is a million times better than him. so glad he's gone. excited
to read about james now! i wonder how they'll reconnect.

Review by jamie1078
Chapter 38
and the plot thickens! i get all squeey when i see this update!

and you don't know how big i smiled when i read that fraggle rock was the ringtone! i have been singing it all evening!

great chapter!

California Waiting by TeamBella23
Review by JBothered
Ch. 20
Yes bitch, I'm reviewing. Crack open the Don.


This shit better not have a word count limit or something, cuz I'm inspired.

First of all, FUCK YOU! I was hoping for a boy! Now I'm left with a fucking GOOCHIE! WTF is a Goochie anyway?

How in the hell you come up with this kind of shit is beyond me. I'm just glad you do.

I haven't been around since the beginning, and to be honest, at first I was too slow to realize CW was the sequel to Closer, so I went all emo and shit for a WHOLE FUCKING WEEK! Thanks to you making me think Eddie boy had offed himself.

Closer/CW is by far the best story out there. Sorry MotU. I'd rather have hallway sex and licorice in my girlie bits than some problematic rich dude beating the shit out of me any day. Not to mention getting drunk on the real deal. Wine is for losers. Or old people.

I can't even tell you how much I hate not having CW in my life anymore (wait, what?) so I'm just gonna skip it, mmkay?

Mary, you have a gift. What you write, the way you write, the passion with which you write, the way you have of bringing your characters to life. Not many authors can do that. And I'm not talking about just fics' authors.

Closer/CW have saved me in more ways than I care to share. It touches so deep inside of me, so many sore spots in my life... But instead of making me hurt and hate life, and hate god, and hate the president, and the pope, and everyone, it actually gave me some perspective in some ways. Sometimes you mentioned something that was exactly how it had happened to me, or almost exactly like it. And that gave me an outside view. It made me look at it as a third party. And the funny thing is, I never realized I was doing it until I had finished a chap. Then I was like "Holy shit! One down, 788 more issues to go!". Who the hell needs therapy?

I loved every single chapter, I cried with every crazy shit you wrote, I vowed to myself I would track your ass down and kick it from here til sunday if you killed Edward when you said you would. I laughed like a demented person, I humped the hubs when things got hawt, I BOUGHT A FREAKING BAG OF TWIZZLERS! AND I HATE TWIZZLERS! But most of all, I saw red when people made you feel like shit with reviews or tweets. I wanted to hunt a bitch down and drag her by the hair to SoCal so she could apologize to you in person. Nobody messes with my family. And that's what you and the other girls have become. You guys are my unrelated family. Kinda like Modern Family, minus the gay dudes and the baby.


I can't listen to this song without thinking of you and Sandra Bullock now! Well, I guess now I'll be thinking about Emmett dancing in the back of a truck with a very preggers Bella driving it and Edward looking like an idiot! Hahahaha!

Goochie? Really? Oh well... At least you didn't kill it!

Baby, your writing is worth gold. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. EVER!

Ok, so there goes my massive *cough cough* review. Remember. I'm NOT doing this again. So enjoy it!

Luv u!


PS: FYI my first baby was 8.7lbs, pretty much no meds, and I did NOT scream! Your Bella is a pussy!

PPS: Can you please let Emmy Bear out to play more often? I miss the big guy!

PPPS: Will you tell Closerward to be nicer to me? I love him, but he's such an asshole!

Face The Music by auroraluna1
Review by akeim
Chapter 4
Luna, my dear! I don't have to tell you how much I loved this chapter...well hell, I'll tell you anyways. It was very heart wrenching and riveting to read! The way you write is so personal, so in tune with how Bella felt as she had to relive her worst moments. And I can't tell you how much I LOVE to hate Jessica Stanley in fics. I don't know why, I just DO. And you're not disappointing me in this one.

Face The Music by auroraluna1
Chapter 2
What an awesome Edward intro! And I love how the title fits into the story; I have a weird thing for clever titles.

What the Dead Know by DazzledbyJake
Review by NehnehR

Chapter 4
"OMG Dazzy! What a crazy chapter!!! Like how the hell did he find her? Who is this crazy bastard? Why did he kill Bella and Edward? Who was in the car if it wasn't him?? So many questions!!! I'm really glad he's dead! And he had a picture of Nessie??? What a sicko! What's going to happen when they find the body?? Come on the suspense is killing me here!

And then Jake leaves? how can he leave her like that? Nononono come back Jake!! Dazzy you tell him to get his ass back there now! I wonder if someone's going to come to take revenge for them killing James? Victoria maybe? Oh that would be crazy! Other then asking you thousands of questions, all I can say is once again you totally fooled me, I never thought it was the same person that killed Bella and Eddie. I really like where you're going with this, even if Jake left, it's probably for the better good of the story ;) I can't wait for the next chapter, I hope she gets to see Jake again before she leaves. Great job, you certainly have me hooked!"


Fandom Gives Back - Pimp Style

The Pimps are in play! 

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Friday's Fic Fit 6.25.2010

Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

For today's reading pleasure, Flanny would like to rec Under the Apple Tree by danieller123.

FL95 said: "It's some of the best written, heart clenching fanfiction out there right now. Every chapter dani writes just pulls on your heart strings and she doesn't need 10,000 words to do it. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)"

Love that hurts can sometimes heal. Ever wish you could go back and change something you did in life? Bella does. E x B, AH

Flanny's official pimpage: Under the Apple Tree hit me like a freight train. Seriously.
I already knew the author as a reviewer, and I had bookmarked her fic to read when I had a chance, simply because I liked her. When the rec came in on the blog, immediately I attached my name to it for review.
It’s not often that a fic grabs me by my figurative balls.
Readers be warned, this does not start out as a pretty story. It’s dark and brutal, with a simple, straightforward narrative that is almost unsettling:
This guy is not as gentle as Newton. He likes role playing and spanking. He doesn't give pet names and he degrades as he fucks me. He wants me to look at him and he tells me the truth about myself the whole time. He's twice Mike's size, in every area, and it hurts. He's paying twice as much, but I want out.
I want him out.
Bella is a stripper and, when necessity dictates, also a prostitute with a sordid history, while Edward is a respected Paediatrician. Before you get any ideas, I need to stress; this story isn’t Pretty Woman at all. I mean, we’ve all read Hookerella fics before, but what makes Under the Apple Tree different is that it’s completely plausible. I find myself emotionally invested at every step.
Dani’s writing is nuanced with poignant imagery, conveyed in a clear, almost journalistic manner:
He is no longer human, no longer just a simple human man. He isn't married, he isn't a father and he isn't civilized. He is a child who watched his mother get a rifle-butt to the head, an open hand across her cheek and a fist in her eye. He is a teenager who learned how to become a man from street thugs. He is the person who cuts your lawn and trims your bushes and you don't even know his name. He is a green a uniform and a, "Good Morning, Mrs. Newton," and someone you talk about with your tennis friends because he has a body like a God and your husband fucks other women.
Edward and Bella are both flawed in this story, only Bella’s flaws are closer to the surface whereas Edward’s scars are buried deeper.
The reader spends a lot of time squirming uncomfortably in Bella’s head as she suffers through an unwanted pregnancy while living on the streets. Meanwhile, Edward is tormenting himself over the loss of his wife, while dutifully playing the role of Bella’s saviour. Through interactions with other characters, the author examines the theme of salvation and what makes a person deserving of it.
Without giving away any spoilers, the story does eventually take a turn towards the romantic:
I laugh and simply sit up. I take her hand and pull her with me. The room is dark and it is approaching night time; dusk. Dim grey light. The fire place isn't on. I was trying to keep the fever away. There is a new one. My hands go around her waist, fingers locking behind her back. Her arms rest on mine and we are not so much dancing; more like swaying back and forth. It is right. It is wrong. I am wrong. It is just a dance, casual. My body disagrees. The heat in my face and under my breastbone disagrees. The tingling under my skin disagrees.
Despite the heartfail, I found this story a smooth and quick read. Dani updates regularly and is quite responsive to reviews, so make sure to send her some love when you check out her story.

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