Friday's Fic Fit 5.28.2010

Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

For today’s reading pleasure, Jess would like to rec Healing Hands by IamKate

wordslinger told us “There really are so few Jake/Nessie fics out there that are worth reading. In even smaller numbers are interesting AH Jake/Nessie fics. This one is well written and the author seems to have a firm grasp of her character. It's humorous yet poignant.

Not to mention the idea of a young girl living the dream of actually getting that hot older guy, is... well... hot.”

I saw this in the queue and jumped on it for three reasons: 1) This is the only Jacob fic that’s been rec’d yet. Where are you Team Jacob? 2) Like wordslinger said, the young girl living the dream of getting the hot, older guy is… well… hot. 3) wordslinger has rec’d some awesome fics to me in the past, and I couldn’t wait to chat with her about another awesome fic!

Jacob Black stood by as the woman he loved, Bella, married another man. Years later, Jake's injured in an accident. The only one who can help him recover is his god-daughter Nessie…Bella's daughter who happens to be in love with her much older friend. AH

Jess’ official pimping:
This is a WIP that’s only five chapters in, and I was really sad to be caught up already (though I get to look forward to the updates!). While waiting for a new chapter, wordslinger and I gabbed about it some, and just ‘cause I like to be different, I’m gonna share (an edited version of) our conversation.

We’d both read all that's available of Healing Hands when we chatted, but since the fic is only five chapters in, any spoilers would be very mild. Our language, however, is not. You’ve been warned.

Jess: She has an amazing way of making the UST go from zero to sixty but it doesn’t feel rushed.

Wordslinger: Oh, I totally agree. It feels natural. It could be because she implied right off the bat that Nessie was in love with Jacob. Even at 13 and on his wedding day, no less! She’s obviously been holding a candle for him all these years.

It’s just a good romance. I really like it. I’m sure that’s obvious. I can’t stop going on about it, LOL!

Jess: I LOVED that wedding scene.

And, uh, I’m pretty sure I’d be holding a fucking torch for him. He’s Jacob for fuck’s sake!

Wordslinger: The wedding scene made me cry!

Jess: Aw, unfeeling wordslinger cried!! That is something to note! Kidding. I didn’t cry... but I’m sick so everything is only hitting me in a glossy sort of way anyway.

I know I’d fuck him in his wheelchair. It’d be fuckhot too. Don’t lie... I know you would. Go ahead... picture Taylor in a wheelchair and try to stay off of him.

Wordslinger: I’d totally fuck Taylor in a wheelchair. That’s some chair sex I could get into! LOL

Yeah I did cry. It was an intense scene! Re-read it when you’re not in a sick fog. I promise, it’s heart wrenching.

Jess: I don’t know that there’s any fanfic that’s ever made me cry. I’ve come close. And I did during that. But I think a part of me knows if I start crying then it’ll get harder to read!

Wordslinger: I’ve cried before. Kodak has programmed me to cry at fictional sentimental moments.

Jess: I don’t know why I don’t cry at more fanfic. I’m an easy crier. I really think it might have to do with being unable to read if I start crying.

Wordslinger: I cry during sappy commercials and songs. It’s pathetic.

It’s hooked me in because it seems so forbidden. The author makes a note at the beginning that (like me) her mom read a lot of Harlequin (and other various) romance novels. So, she had this thought to twist that into a Jake/Nessie fic. I’m enjoying it.

The author responded to all my reviews, which I always love!

Jess: Yea, it’s great. Her characters are really witty... which is always fun.

Wordslinger: It’s hot in a romance novel sort of way. I can’t say enough about that fic. It’s going to be so hot when they finally get busy. I’m in love with it. I’m intrigued by this notion of an older man like this. Funny and sentimental. So different for a Jake/Nessie fic! It’s just so different. I really like her characters too. They’re not stupid or unbelievable. It was just fun to read. Not to mention the promise of total hotness later.

It really leaves you wanting more. I grew up secretly reading my mom’s romance novel stash. That shit stays with you I guess.

Jess: I totally know what you mean.

Jess’ Final Thought: This fic is really unique and witty. The author is sort of going for the feel of classic Harlequin novels, and I think she’s pulling it off nicely. Jacob has an appropriately hard time dealing with his changing feelings for Ness but ultimately can’t deny them (thank god!).

So go check it out and tell IamKate that The Pimp sent you.

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Profile a Reader: Althea Pimps for Shawna

It’s quite a thrill when we can successfully
hook real life friends and family into this thing of ours. I’d LOVE to
contribute to the conversion by doin what I do: I like figuring out what
kinds of fics someone might dig, and finding stories that match. I’m
about to put my fic-loving geekheart on my sleeve and go all FBI
profiler on this one.

Here’s the listener request we received:

I need help! I'm getting my mom hooked on TwiFic but I am not sure what to rec next. She has read Wide Awake and The Lost Boys which she loved. I rec'd Boycotts and Barflies but it was not a strong enough story for her. I loved Boycotts and there are tons of fics that are similar in story and strength so I am trying to find something different. Also, she is my mom so I can't be rec'ing The Forbidden Room or anything too embarrassing for my mom to enjoy. Ewwww! EP sound good but I haven't read it...I have commitment issues. She could probably hang with some slash. She turned me onto Queer as Folk and True Blood..yah she is dirty! Weird for me. Help!

-- Shawna

Break out the theme music, it’s on!

(note: This is not a scientific process, just one reader’s opinion. And not the collective opinion of the Twific Pimps. So, grain of salt, people.)

Profile of a reader:

A momma, new to fic. I’m assuming she hasn’t read Twilight because so far you’ve given her all AH. She could probably handle some slash and might even go for some smuttiness sans extreme lemons. She prefers her stories strong, and don’t mind if I extrapollate, meaty.

  • She wasn’t so into the fluffy, romantic hijinx of Boycotts and Barflies. She'd probably be into something with rich characters and compelling story development. She’d probably appreciate something that is crafty in its execution.
  • Would perhaps be into a bit of mystery/intrigue, and open to a bit of the fantastic (hollerrr Lost Boys!).
  • And, not afraid of a bit of angst (Wide Awake, I’m looking at you).
  • The stories she’s liked so far have lemons associated with the well-developed buildup of UST. So she probably prefers her hot-frickety-hotness in context.


The perfect fic for this reader profile is The Blessing and The Curse by TheBlackArrow

Two people connected since childhood, a mother's last dying wish, a triangle where Bella must choose between the safe road and the uncertain yet passionate road. TheBlackArrow’s writing is amazingly vivid, and her story is emotional and rich. The dynamic between this Edward and Bella is crazy in its intensity. There is history and chemistry and your momma is gonna love the lemon situation up in this story. That’s all I’ll say about that, mmkay. This story has a dark and mysterious Edward, a touch of the supernatural, and it’s got its share of angstiness. It is WIP and updates aren't that regular. But, it is worth noting that it is 100% worth reading.

Official description: By pretending she is falling for Edward, Bella is fulfilling Esme's dying wish. But sexy, possessive Edward can read her mind. Will she ever get into his? Can Bella forget the pain of her teenage years, and can she resist his relentless seduction? AH.

Other stories that might be up this reader’s alley...

University of Edward Masen by Sebastien Robichaud

This story is heady deliciousness, it has a huge build of UST, oh yes, and eventually lemons, too. The story is filled with intrigue which engages the reader from the start. I couldn’t figure out why this Edward was such a pompous asshole. But little did I know, that was just the tip of the iceberg of questions that emerge as we delve into the characters’ angsty pasts. As a sidebar, I learned a lot about Dante from reading this fic. It is very far along in the story (aka most of the story is already up and posted) and it is updated weekly.

Official description: Edward Masen is the selfish and brooding university professor; Bella Swan is his shy, but determined graduate student. Appearances can be deceiving. Have their paths crossed before? Rated M for good reason, all human, canon pairings.

The Mirrors by adorablecullens

This story’s premise definitely takes the reader into the realm of fantasy. However, much like The Lost Boys, the majority of this story takes place in the present day world of adults. The characters are relateable because, at one time or another, we all strive to reconnect to that time in our youth when we were in touch with the fantastic. This story is lovely and adorablecullens is one of our fandom’s great storytellers. Also, this story is complete.

Official description: Teddy's secret and magical childhood is lost when a family heirloom is destroyed, changing his life forever. Now an adult, can Edward open himself back up to magic and love when he meets a beautiful - and hauntingly familiar - woman in real life?

Hydraulic Level 5 by gondolier

The sheer creativity of this story blew me away. I am so invested in these characters and their world. Gondolier weaves a compelling tale, keeping the reader guessing with regards to Bella and Edward's relationship: what the hell happened in their past, and is there a future for them? In a creative twist, throughout the story Gondolier treats us to tastes of writer Edward's latest work - a fictionalized account of his youth with Bella. She doesn't just tell us that Edward is mega-successful, G brings us into his process and lets us sample the goods. Again, it fits the MO as a strong story, complete with intrigue and angst. FYI: this WIP story is almost done but updates are sporadic.

Official description: Critics hailed Edward Cullen’s novels as “masterful allegory” and "brimstone beauty"...a genius of our time. Whatever. I was his first kiss. First date. First love. I gave him my heart when I was four…and still, he left me for his stupid vampire books. AH WIP

About Emancipation Proclamation. You mentioned EP as a possible rec for your mom. It has a really original premise, a very engaging story, a well-loved fic that I have enjoyed reading. Some things to consider before you suggest it to your mom -- The character of Carlisle is a mafia boss who does some pretty twisted shit. As people who have read Twilight we are predisposed to see Carlisle as the personification of compassion and morality. His actions in EP might be shocking to us, but part of its success as a fanfic is that we as readers are hesitant to write him off, even if we want to. People who have not come to love the character of Carlisle in other contexts, might not be as forgiving of his heinous acts and might find it difficult to invest in his character and his mafia world. (this is just this reader’s opinion, though) Also worth noting: it is very long with very long chapters.

So that concludes this episode of Profile a Reader. I’ve been your host, AltheaJams, and it’s been real. Got a type of fic or reader preference you want profiled? Have a question you want to throw at the pimps? Send in your Questions, Comments, Concerns via THIS form.

Drop us a comment! We want to hear about what you would have suggested as a rec for our listener’s mom.

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Hump Your Readers Wednesday 5.26.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

Fallen Princess by Bforqueen
Review by Jules

Incredible? Stunning? Thoroughly engaging? All of the above.

Questions were answered and questions were raised. Obviously the Cullens are the ones that arrived on the scene there, or at least some fraction of them.

I'm actually a fan of evil cliffies (even as a reader) and that one was just breathtaking "I know you." Who does she know? I can't wait to discover...

The description of her stumbling upon the body in the morgue was so accurate, so gory and I could picture it clearly. And the heartbreaking realization of what Felix had to do left her with no other choice. I imagine a shift in the story is coming. I'm so excited to take this ride you invited me on and wait for each chapter with bated breath.


Divinity by booboo.kitty2.0
Review by Scarlette72

Your mind is so unusual. I don't know how you come up with these stories but I do love them.

Review by maria2906

awwwwwwwwwwww! Damn I can't believe I hadn't reviewed *facepalm* I was reading it at work and i didn't have the chance.

That was an amazing chapter! Stupid sicko Mike always getting in the middle one way or the adorable is Edward getting all stalkerish and obsessed with his phone? He's so cuteeee! Even when they fight they love each other so much ugh! They melt my heart!

That last scene was sweet as hell! I'm so happy she has Edward, she needs some warmth and calmness and pure love in her life..and so does he *sigh* them

Review by SmuttierThanYou

*hugs pillow* oh man, he's in for it and then she's gonna find out and then it's just going to be bad all around. I feel like I'm watching a train wreck fixing to happen and I can't look away because I know in some sick twisted morbid way it's going to be Uber interesting...yeah, I'm sick, don't judge.

Strange Bedfellows by the bouquet
Review by Alverdine

*sigh* I don't even know what to say. Your *prōsa* smells of flowers in the dead of winter. Though really...there is nothing straight-forward about it. It's not even that the pieces are missing. ... the picture is missing. And here I am trying to put together this 3D puzzle and it should have driven me up the walls by now, and it hasn't...because every piece is literature, every brush of italics is art, every space is the interval between two heart beats. I just... I almost don't want to be finished with it. I simply don't want to put it back in the box.

Becoming Bella Swan by BellaFlan

BF's note: Hey pimps, I'm humping my own reader this week for sharing this epic funny link and making my week:

"Even Edward Fucking Cullen can't get away with that kind of bullshit."

Thank god that SOMEONE doesn't let Edward get away with any cheesy line he wants to spout off with. I'm guilty of that sometimes.

How sad is it that every time I read your story the only mental image I can muster of Edwards penis, is of that new sparkly pale vibrator by Tantus?

Mind you, the reviews for that thing were quite disturbing.

Anyway, I can't wait for another update. I sequel with delight when I get an alert that you've added another chapter!

If You Ask Me by Sandy
Review by SaritaDreaming

Screaming Sandy! You finally got your story up here! I hope you're planning to have at least another chapter...because we need a LEMON! :-)

Loved the story. I'll bet every woman who's in a so-so relationship wishes something like this would happen to them. Deep down, I think we all hope love at first site exists. This story really gets down in there and digs around in those feelings. I absolutely love it! But, again, I hope there is a citrus-filled chapter 2 on the way! (And you know I will bug you relentlessly until you do it...hehe)


Friday's Fic Fit 5.21.2010

Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us. This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it! Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.
For today’s reading pleasure, Flanny would like to rec Cullen, Unscripted by FL95.
FL95 submitted her own fic to us because, as you may know, a rec is the only way to see something appear as a Friday Fic Fit. If there’s a fic you’d like see us rec, your own or someone else’s, click the button to your left and tell us about it!
When Edward Cullen scores an entry level internship as a writer for his distant Uncle's TV Station immediately following College, his life takes some funny turns as he makes new friends and finds love. AH, BxE, Rated L for Lemons, Laughing and Language.
Flanny’s official pimping:
I’d venture to say that the story should be rated C as well, for a Cocky Cullen Comedy. FL95’s style, which I got to know by reading Dick, is straight forward, self-aware and quite charming. In this story, Eddie-boy might have landed a choice job by many people’s standards, but he is a landmine of misfortune. Take this lovely example of clumsiness and misconstrued signals as exhibit A:
“This is that part of the story where I really wish I could rewind the events I'm about to tell you about, delete them, replace them with something a little more…not quite so embarrassing, and then live my life without shame.
But alas, here's what actually happened.
See when Bella leaned in like that, I thought she was leaning in to kiss me, not to TALK to me.
Stupid, yeah, I know, but in the moment, what else was I supposed to think?
So I leaned toward her, closing my eyes, puckering a little, in the anticipation to feel her soft, perfect lips against mine, hearing nothing but John Mayer in my head, singing that song about dancing in a burning room.
Then I heard a very quiet, very nervous, "Um…."
"What the fuck are you doing, monkey?" came another voice from not so far away and I snapped my eyes open, only to be met with a blushing, doe eyed, shocked Bella, her mouth slightly ajar, backing away slowly.
My equilibrium was thrown off, my mouth became dry and I fell forward, into Bella. My hands threw themselves into her for balance, I swear, but landed square on her breasts and she screamed.”
Another stylistic choice which the author makes that I enjoy, is the way she unabashedly breaks down the fourth wall of fiction; making the reader an active participant in the narrative:
"Consanguineous," she answered…saying it with the utmost matter of factness. It was like I didn't even NEED to give her any direction, she just knew how the line needed to be said.
Her voice was like a song.
I needed to write her more lines.
Oh yeah, consanguineous, by the way…that means they're of the same blood…related by birth, descended from the same parent or ancestor. I like big words.
She also writes Bella’s POV, but I have to say, my preference is first person Edward, which is what this author is most skilled at... although I did enjoy Bella’s take on her scene partner, Mike’s, penchant for onion bagels before the kissy kissy scenes. In the words of The Amazingly Talented Miss Isabella Swan POV:
Don’t expect flowery language or angst, and you will not be disappointed. Meh, the world has enough angst and sometimes, a girl just wants to get off and laugh. Is that too much to ask for? Nah-uh. I’m pleased to pimp this fic which is full of witty dialogue, an ongoing, first person inner narrative with a casual conversational tone, and one of the hottest first kisses in comedic fic.
This fic has my crack-whorish approval, due to the dry wit and sexy, yet simple narrative style.
So go check it out and tell FL95 that The Pimps sent you.

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Hump Your Readers Wednesday 5.19.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

Cullen, Unscripted by FL95  
Review by laddymischief 

"...if you and MrsTheKing were to collaborate on a story that brings the funny the world would implode."

The Ride by aylah50 
Review by icrodriguez

I can honestly say that I am thrilled to have found such a gorgeously written story. I truly cannot wait to read more. I'm in awe.

Amazing writing, Darlin'.

Two Makes Three by xXTailoreddreamsXx
Review by leen-cullen


That last line, "No more fucking baby steps" was a fucking awesome way to close it out!

I just finished reading the story in one sitting. Amazing. I can't wait to see what happens.

Ok, please don't let anything bad happen to Edward's job. He worked his ass off and he's finally happy. It would suck if he didn't get the promotion because he was too stressed about keeping Bella happy. I mean he's stressed about her best friend leaving her for a few weeks. Bella's not a little girl. She went through a really horrible break up but she can handle some time away from her friend can't she. She's an adult.

And I totally understand Bella's point of view about keeping the Jacob event a secret. I wouldn't want Edward to freak either. Although in hind sight, it probably wasn't such a good idea.

Can Bella please show Edward her sketch book? Please? He's so sad that she hasn't opened up to him about it. It's heart-breaking :(

I love this story! Please update soon!

If you have any reviews you would like to add to the blogroll, please fill out this form


Episode 1 - The First Hit Is Free

Click the player above to listen right here on our site.


Show Notes for Episode 1

Well, our first episode is up! We can say that it was definitely interesting! Maybe one day we'll post some outtakes :)

In this episode we introduced ourselves and shared our first experience with twific. We also discussed what we think makes fanfic so addicting and what we're currently reading.

Our poll results!

The First Hit is Free Playlist

Create a playlist at

The fics we discussed this week:

As mentioned in the podcast, here's a link to wikipedia's article on fanfic terms:

So listen to the show and leave us a comment on how we did! We want to hear from you!
We'll see you in two weeks for your next hit!


Friday's Fic Fit 5.14.2010

 Every Friday, we’ll ease your cravings for a hit/fic by passing on something that’s been rec’d to us.  This means that if there’s a fic you wanna see, you’ll need to submit it!  Stories that fit the theme of our upcoming podcast are most appreciated.

For today’s reading pleasure, Jess would like to rec Major Misconduct by m7707.

GrayMatters told us, “I absolutely LOVE this story! I have to admit that, at first, I was reluctant to read it, as I am not the biggest fan of the high school fics. But since I love hockey, I decided to give it a go. AM I EVER GLAD THAT I DID!! m7707 has some of the best character development I've ever read, a unique plot, and the most smokin' UST there is! The characters are sweet, relateable, and written in a mature fashion to which I can relate. And have I mentioned the UST? 15 chapters and and we're promised it's going to break wide open, and I CAN'T WAIT!!

How could I pass that up?  Obviously, I couldn’t.

Edward Cullen - hot high school hockey player. Bella Swan - shy high school student. They've admired each other from afar, so what happens when they finally meet? Will they be strong enough to handle a threat from his past? No good deed goes unpunished...

Jess’ official pimping:
 Sports have never really been my thing, but HockeyWard is an easy way to win a girl over.  This JockWard isn’t the usual cocky manwhore we’re used to.  Sure, he’s cocky, but only when he’s earned it.  He’s a little shy, smart, funny, and, of course, hot as hell.  

The whole fic is told from Bella’s POV, so it’s always important to be able to relate to her.  I think anyone who’s been to high school can – this is exactly how I’d describe high school.  Bella’s a mature (ish) 17 year old who’s shy but funny and easy to love.  Bella’s klutziness is present, but her accidents don’t feel like the author is using them as a plot device to get Bella in Edward’s arms all the time.  She’s got her trademark blush, but again, it doesn’t feel forced.  

At times, the UST is off the charts as shy Bella discovers a side of herself she didn’t know before – Inner Slut Girl.  Bella’s just discovering her teenage hormones and though they take over sometimes, she doesn’t go from virgin to sex goddess in an instant.  Bella’s still awkward and hardly knows what to do with the crazy, hot things her imagination comes up with.  As you experience her awkwardness with her, you almost feel bad for her… though somehow m7707 makes it nerve-wracking and hot enough that it all blends together into a wonderful feeling.  

Another strength in this fic is the way the parents are written.  They all have a good amount of character without feeling cheesy or too much like a stereotypical parent.  There’s also plenty of great one-liners to keep you smiling throughout.

Quote from Chapter 2:

He laughed out loud this time, and Mr. Banner turned to us with a scowl. "Something amusing you wish to share, Mr. Cullen?"

Edward's eyes danced wickedly at me, and I poked him in the thigh. Then I had to do it again, I thought maybe I'd hit the metal post. No, that hard, firm, unyielding object was definitely his thigh. Gah. My hand lingered on his leg and then, without my forethought or knowledge, it slid slowly, tantalizingly higher. Holy hell. He jerked slightly, and I snapped my arm back in mortification. Oh my God, I just felt up Edward Cullen in the middle of Biology class.

So go check it out and tell m7707 that The Pimps sent you. 

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Hump Your Readers Wednesday 5.12.2010

Every Wednesday we will let authors spotlight the reviews that made them feel all fuzzy inside!

Wicked Angel by DevilishPleasures
Review by SandytheSandstorm 

FSX, Ladies, how I have missed you. *doing the happy dance* and typing as I read the chapter.

Oh I just saw the Remember Me trailer with Rob in the shower fully dressed, that voice. I keep seeing new ones. Perfect vision for reading, don't you think...I had no idea until I finished how helpful seeing him wet was going to be.

"No matter how panicked I felt, I would not throw caution to the wind." Lucky for Bella she came in contact with some skilled killers, would be hers truth be told.

"What happened?" I practically cried. I didn't know where the strong emotions were coming from but I felt sorrow, sick, and miserable at Bella's current state. "Please baby, tell me. I'm here for you. I won't hurt you." I let the truth resonate in my voice." Already with his words coming through so emotional I can tell this is going to be a true turning point chapter.

Before I continue I took a moment to LMAO before the intensity began "For a fraction of a second I thought about making her ride in the back of the truck but then knew I'd never do that to her."

"Some beautiful lines had me screaming for paragaphs lovelies "If she lived . . . I'd lose you." and "But your soul . . . your heart." . . . is yours, I wanted to say." and "I've been waiting to hear those words from your voice my whole life...I love you, Isabella Swan." and "...Bella could see the single—and only—tear that had ever escaped my eye."

I am so much for Edward always. Never ever have I thought what Bella said to be greater than what he had been given to say in any story - you dearhearts changed that with "It's more than a need. It's an ache, deep within my soul. I need you like I need air, without you I'll suffocate. Please . . . just touch me, make me feel . . . something, anything but the pain I feel when you aren't touching me." You owned the story with that one.

When did this happen? "...the healing scar on her forehead from when she fell down my steps."

"That was all it took and I was in the bathtub with her, fully dressed." The entire bath scene was phenomenal and beautiful at ever word, emotion, orchestrated musical note and rhythmatically choreographed dance they performed. Will recall there lovemaking and devotion many times - you guys rocked, placing you up there with the greats of the fanfic world for that one. 

His hesitance till the very end was that because he is Edward after all and feels that this thing they were about do, line they were about to cross would make them inseparable and she needed to be sure she wanted it and him?

Liked it much? Enough said.

FanGirl all of Yours

Review from Anonymous

Hey ~ I wanted to personally thank you for the story.  I had stayed away thinking it would be sacrilegious.  You truly wrote something from a Christian perspective and how we ALL's just some have higher to fall from.  I remember one of the AN when you wrote about Edward's fall from grace and I was worried that he would truly fall away but you did such a wonderful job.

Thank you!  This has been the first FF that gave glory to God and I also thought you did an excellent job with the music - since I know all the songs it was so easy to hear E sing them - often I would play them from itunes while I read that chapter.  Thank you so much!

A Perfect Love by Robicorn
Review by PixieKat7

Outstanding chapter!
You handled Edward & Bella's morning after conversation beautifully, it was spot on & very real to life. 

JebusFlippin'Christ, Tanya is EVIL incarnate! I simply cannot believe that she have the nerve to question Edward on ANY level and then to go as far as stealing from him...I'm so mad I could slap her into next week...the **! Poor Edward, this is what happens when he tries to give Tanya the benefit of the of the doubt. I hope he deals with that situation quickly & thoroughly.

I know that Carlisle means well & is only looking out for his family, but I gotta tell you that I loved that Bella put him in his place (&that Edward did too), very well done.

I've said it before & I'll say it again, I love Bella's relationship with Emma. She is honestly more of a mother to that l'il sweetheart than Tanya could ever be. The "mommy' conversation was handled very well, but it made me just a little sad. I truly want the three of them to be a family & soon.

Like I said, this was an outstanding chapter, can't wait to see what happens next.

Hugs, until next time.

Collide by Robicorn
Review by Bouncy72
She is a faithful reviewer and so supportive! 
Here is her review for my newest story: 

First I just wanted to say "Yay," I was fully expecting the HF at the end of this to be bad too. So glad it wasn't (at the end)

Where would Rachel have gotton a dream like that from? This whole thing of not telling things that aren't "normal" is starting to be a bit ridiculous. A little girl should be able to express when something frightens her.

WOW Emily, Sam & Edward huh?! Didn't see that coming AT ALL. Bit worried that Edward did lose control so completely before with someone he "loved". But wow Bella calmed him down so quickly.

"The fire is licking at my heels. I keep running into walls, and I can't seem to break them down without you." Edward said. "If I didn't know you, I am sure I would have given up the fight, stopped running from the fire, and just succumbed to smoke inhalation. You break down the walls so I can walk through them." Edward told her." This was a beautifully written passage, desperate & slightly afraid.

Apart from the fact that her parents probably heard EVERYTHING, that seemed like a pretty sweet 1st time. I'm glad she didn't let him wallow.
Thanks for that chapter :)

Oh & let us know if you get a banner for this please ♥ *grin

Teenage Kicks by missrebecca
Review by romanceaholic

I like Edward in this story, he is just so sweet and tender with Bella. So nice just want to squeeze him tight in a hug and tell him how wonderful he is.

Review By Cullenary

I wish i could find the whole review she left me, but it was a while ago...still sticks with me, that should say something...

The part that blew me away was when she said "You do realize this fic is going to explode and you are going to have reviews in the thousands, right?"

This was way back when I was barely at 500...I laughed at her then...and now, I just want to nom her face. LOL

Disappear Here by h32mh32m
 Review by fragilewreck 

Oh Snap! I didn't see that one coming! 

Will You Be Ready When it Comes by Hopeful Wager
Review by FictionFanDNB

Okay. Now that I can't sleep, I think I'm ready to talk about Will You Be Ready When It Comes. But first, I want to go back to September 12th. That was the day you sent me my submission rejection. I'm not above admitting that I cried. I think it broke my heart a little. I did some research on who you were and I realized that you hadn't really written a "wolf fic" and that that was the reason you didn't understand my story. But I decided I would re-work my story with PTB and I would show you that my story was good enough. Eventually you accepted my story and I was ecstatic. You even RECed me on Twitter and I think that was my turning point. I realized that you were just looking out for a writer and you wanted my story to be worthy. So I started reading some of your fics. And then I turned into this giant brown-nosing, suck up of a super fangirl (another thing I am not above admitting). But after reading THIS story, I truly realized why I'm glad that you are the one with the final say on my story. I felt like you didn't hold back at all. This wasn't an easy story to read, because you make your characters work so hard for their own happiness. But I couldn't stop reading it, because you made this so real. You were right, this story is a roller coaster. I laughed and cried and I didn't want it to end. I'm glad you included both endings. I would have liked to have seen Jaded get a little more fleshed out, only because when I got to the last sentence, I was rooting just as hard for Mathias as I had been for Jacob just one chapter earlier (and I'm usually a cannon type of girl). 

I also realized that you have written a 'wolf fic'. Jacob's sacrifice(s) proved to me that you understand Stephenie Meyer's wolves a hell of a lot better than I do. This is my formal Thank You for accepting my story, and for changing my mind about cannon, and for (hopefully) not thinking I'm some psychotic stalker girl. And for writing such an amazing, historically accurate (and informative!) fic. 


Mad Love

While some Twifiends are already twitching to hear these Pimps get rec’ing already, some might be wondering what makes us P-I-M-P.  We’ll share what we already know with all you junkies.  Pimp on Pimp, here’s why we’ve got mad love for each other:

Jess on Flanny:

If you’ve read Becoming Bella Swan, you’ll know why hearing Flanny talk about anything is bound to be a good time.  If you haven’t, go do that and then come back!  Flanny will tell you that the Nessie character she writes in her fic Imprinted has her personality… but I’d argue that Flanny from BBS is a pretty accurate representation.  Sure, the real Flanny isn’t as rude, addicted to meds, or sleeping with every sexy guy she walks by, but you can expect the same mix of Canadian spelling, dirty humour (see what I did there?), quick wit, graphic language, and love of the Twilight universe. Flanny isn’t afraid to tell it like it is but somehow manages to always keep things positive.  She has a tendency to rec things using lots of superlatives, but they always turn out to be well-deserved.  When Flanny has something to say, you can bet listening to it will be time well-spent.

Flanny on Jess:

Jess is a superhero. By day, she's a mild-mannered stay-at-home mom, but by night, she is known as the "Drive-by Beta." That's right, kiddies... Grammatical evils of the world should fear when Jess is near. Not only a well known MASTER-beta, she is a phenomenal smut writer in her own right, and an absolute sweetheart by nature. Her mad superhero skillz extend to discerning great fic, and also understanding what makes a fic not-so-great. When Jess recommends a fic, it's undoubtedly something to get really excited about.

Kari on Althea:

Who's the best person to get fic recs from? Someone who's organized and remembers exactly why they loved a fic, right? Right! I met Althea on twitter and quickly realized this girl knows good fic. She keeps track of every fic she reads, every review and every review reply! Now that is organized. What I love about her is that she's honest in her opinions and can spot a good fic a mile away. I may be more traditional when it comes to smut, but Althea can be your expert on lemons of every variety! Make sure you check out her blog for great reviews and rec's at Althea Jams and Blogs.

Althea on Kari: 

She calls herself "The Twific Addicted Sista" (which is accurate. and awesome.) and she has her own hot look - if you see an avi that's a sexy, sassy lady rocking an afro, chances are it's TwiCharmed. Her blog features excellent reviews and her weekly breakdown of what she's reading. One of her most impressive skills: she always finds a way to articulate her opinion in a way that is so constructively honest while being sensitive to other people's feelings. As a reader and reviewer, this is a tremendous balance to strike! She has an infectious enthusiasm, an eye for vamp AU fics, and a desire to promote lesser known stories with inexplicably low review counts. TwiCharmed is also a writer of a Jas/B fic called The Writing on the Wall.


Hump Your Readers Wednesday

What is "Hump your Reader's Wednesday?" Well I'm really glad you asked. As fanfic authors, we do not profit for our efforts in any sort of monetary means. Our currency is in reviews, and nothing makes a writer feel more fabulous than a review that not only is insightful, but is also truly appreciative of our efforts.

Find some reviews that really made an impact and share them with the rest of the fandom. It's so easy to wallow in the negativity of a flame, but when was the last time you celebrated a review with the rest of the fandom! DO IT! 

Yes, it's always good to review, as readers we know this. Do readers really know how loved they are by their favorite authors? Think about it the next time you see a review button. Some authors are not able to respond to every review they receive, but I guarantee you they are reading them.

BellaFlan xoxo


The First Hit is Free

Attention Twifiends!

Your fic pimps are gathering up the goods for our first show, The First Hit Is Free. We’re scheduled to record on Saturday, May 15!  We need your help to make it the best it can be.  Vote in our poll to let us know how many hours a week you spend on the drug that we call fanfiction.  If there’s a fic that has you twitching like a junkie ‘til the update arrives in your box, be sure to share it with us by clicking here.  Also, authors can show their appreciation to their addicts by sharing reviews that made them wish they could hump a reader here.

Coming soon… Wondering why you should listen to these Fic Pushers?  We’ll share our mad love for each other and let you know!


A New Podcast

Hey TwiFiends!

Welcome to Fic Pushin’!  We’ll be pimping fics we read, dishing why we like them, and rec’ing the best Twilight fanfic has to offer! The four of us are natural fic pimps and decided to share our crazy discussions with you.

We’ll be talking about twific readers and what makes them tick. Our goal is to be reader centric and interactive. Let us know what you are reading. What topics do you want us to discuss? Make sure to vote in our polls that we'll post before each show.

We plan to reach out to authors and ask them to submit reviews that they've received which have been particularly funny, insightful, or meaningful to them. We will share these great reviews on our blog and choose some to read on our podcast. Readers should be celebrated and really good reviews deserve to be shared.

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